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Are you saying that Shefflin had done anything in the two big games we had with them in 09 to suggest he would go to town against us in '10?? got nothing of Paudie maher from play.

PremierTipp (Tipperary) - Posts: 242 - 19/07/2013 16:05:26    1436055


I'm saying that whatever way u look at it he the greatest hurler that ever played the game. I would totally rule out a league finals performance. Would congratulate maher ( who u know I have respect for) for keeping him scoreless in 09. That doesnt mean he wouldnt have dome the same in 2010. If things were the same every year as the year before sure there would be no need to play a match we could just use last years results. My point is u can't say ah ye only won cos kk were missing whoever and then say ah but that doesn't apply to our win when kk were missing the greatest player of all time. If it applies to one it applies to the other. We have every much a right to be dismissive of 2010 as you guys do of 73. Would prefer if neither win was dismissed personally. But it wasn't me who started this. Was the same with Munster final in 73 ah sure the 70 was definitely a puck out ( thurles blues poss not u). Firstly no one knows for sure or will ever know. No talk though of babs dry ball which caught us in a year when we had beaten tipp 3 times already ( I think). We all have hard luck stories. We can all be selective but it petty really. Just know if u havin a go at us we will prob have a go back. Proud hurling ppl are like that. U one yourself u should know.

disillusiondfan (Limerick) - Posts: 4279 - 19/07/2013 16:46:07    1436096


Tipperary goalkeeper Brendan Cummins says he will take a break from the game before making a decision on his inter-county future.

ormondbannerman (Clare) - Posts: 13473 - 23/07/2013 13:39:04    1439823