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I think some of us are guilty of wanting too much here at once, a few have said that the new players that Malachy have brought in have not impressed to get into the starting team. Your judging on a couple a halves of football with some lads making their competitive starting debuts. Of course some lads are not going to be up to it but with others you have to persevere with them as it is a big step up for some from the level they are used to. We are saying we have no midfield without the Hughes brothers both being there, in my view we try an alternative in the first few games and we see if it works, if it doesn't then we have that box ticked and we know we need to look elsewhere or persevere with the pair of them probably to the detriment of the team in other areas. Yes we all want to stay in division 1 as that is were we gets used to championship style level of games but there is no point in bringing these lads in for mc kenna cup then disregarding them when it comes to national league football.

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Replying To eirekeeper:  "I see Eirsport are showing the Monaghan v Mayo game live!

On another note, does anyone know where the U21 shamrock game is on Saturday evening?"
'Round two sees Monaghan travel to Darver to play Louth this weekend', as taken from: [url=]

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