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Where can Monaghan improve upon for 2014?

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After such a fantastic year for Monaghan football, it's only fair to think what lies ahead for Monaghan in 2014. On the assumption that a few of the older players will retire since they have their Ulster medals, new players will be required to step into the breach.

Where do you folks think reinforcements are required? I heard Ryan Wylie was very close to a starting spot on the Monaghan team thiis year. You would expect him to push on from there next year. Cremartin's Johnny McGuigan captined DCU fresher's to the all ireland this year. If he makes the step up he could push Neil McAdam for a spot in Monaghan team.

Will Peter O'Hanlon progress enough to be Eoin Lennon's long term replacement? Perosonally I'm not sure he has the mobility or pyhsique yet. Who is the other alternatives for midfield?
In the forwards, Jack McCarron and Pauric Keenan should feature more. It wouldn't be fair to expect any of this year's excellent minor team to be added to the senior panel. Though Conor McCarthy, Mark Magee, Ryan McAnespie , Kevin Loughran and David McAllister seem like they could make an impact at U-21 level next year. It's not inconcieveable that one or two of them could push their way onto the senior's next year.

sleater (Monaghan) - Posts: 110 - 08/08/2013 11:32:12    1456288


If we haven't got one already I would like to see a development squad for those not in the u21 or just outside the u21. these lads would get tailored coaching and support aimed at facilitating a transfer to the main squad. Thats not to say lads can't bolt from club to county side but just that a number of lads are ear marked for future development for some transition might be a year for others it might be a few years, some might not even come through.

highway (Monaghan) - Posts: 79 - 08/08/2013 13:25:10    1456466


Does Fergal McMahon have another year at Minor level? is that why you left him out?

Farney (Monaghan) - Posts: 727 - 08/08/2013 13:39:49    1456475


We can improve everywhere,Malachy and his backroom must insure we bring in and try out every player who is committed to playing for Monaghan.

We must push on from here,if we stand still we won't ever make the big time!

Remember Donegal 2011.............what happened them in 2012?

This is only the begining,we are Ulster Champions Minor and Senior,with a minor team 60 plus minutes away from an All Ireland Final.

Build on this people,or throw it all away!


hardcore (Monaghan) - Posts: 1366 - 09/08/2013 21:47:21    1457951


Agreed hardcore. This team is nowhere near fullfilling potential. Seems to be a few good players coming up from minor and underage, loughran, macanespie and mc Mahon seem like real
prospects. . I think the two ulster wins could help change a culture. A culture if winning. Tipperary have had great underage success but it hasn't transferred to senior because the team they join doesn't have a culture if winning. They don't expect to win. These lads have to come into a side that expects to win every game.

Next year the hunger for Ulster and to go further needs to be stronger. Older lads on the team need to give it another year or more,even if it's just for the experience and guidance they can give as the new squad members develop. I'm thinking of players like Tommy or Dick.

We also need to target promotion next year. It's key in my opinion for the future.

supermon (Monaghan) - Posts: 1068 - 10/08/2013 12:34:57    1458042


More of the same with a bit more emphasis on attacking. The system worked against Donegal but we needed more attacking threat against Tyrone. Our half forward line work very hard but we need more creativity. If we could get Paul Finlay back to his best he is crucial because he is such a precision passer which is so important against defence minded teams. Not sure if he is able to get back to that level but I think he is capable.

Think we need to find a midfielder and let Darren Hughes back to center half back. Its his best position and I would play him in a similar role to Lacey played for Donegal last year. His driving runs are fantastic and his overall game is very good.

Will trust in Malachy to have a look at the club championships and find a few more players. He done it last year with the likes of Donaghy. We need to be cautious with this good minor team there's no point rushing them into the senior setup. This is what Roscommon did some years ago with their All Ireland winning minor team and only Donie Shine has had any big impact from that team. Let the lads develop and play a bit of club football without burdening them with the hectic training schedule of the senior team just yet.

sporto (Monaghan) - Posts: 133 - 10/08/2013 16:03:18    1458191


heres to next year,was always Donegal, Tyrone, Down, Derry, Armagh, especially the last 10, to 20 years, now 2 sleeping giants of Ulster have awoken, Cavan, Monaghan, cant wait Cavan v Monaghan, first round, or fkinal, now that would be some game ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

mchugh11 (Donegal) - Posts: 242 - 20/08/2013 21:59:46    1464762


Connor McManus said on Championship Matters that the team had no idea at half time that Penrose or possibly Gormley would be sent off. Were as the Tyrone team were making plans around the possibility. I think this was a major slip up by the Monaghan management. For the time we had the extra man they were still able to have an extra man for the short kickouts. It was a bad mistake and here's hoping they have learns from it..

Farney (Monaghan) - Posts: 727 - 24/08/2013 12:25:46    1466933


I believe a few changes should be made to the panel. I would add James Ward,Eddie Lennon,Colm Greenan,Shane Carey and I would drop SHane McQuillan,Stephen Smyth,Karl O'Connell and Ronan McNally.

Hardasnails (Monaghan) - Posts: 288 - 04/09/2013 21:32:32    1475414