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Bit of perspective needed on the whole all-star/Sean Cavanagh thing.
Monaghan beat Antrim and were lucky to best a better cavan team( Cavan should have had a free on last kick of game to draw the match and the free before this for Monaghan which put monaghan 2 up was no free). Cavan were hard done by but they got on with things. Monaghan beat a clearly exhausted Donegal team(as exposed by Mayo).... So Monaghan beat 2 division 3 teams and an out of sorts Donegal.... Against Tyrone the decision not to start Mc Guiness and play Donaghy/Finlay before him was poor as was decision to put Hughes on Cavanagh...Vinny Corry was the man for that now Monaghan people are looking for all stars for the year???? a tentative suggestion would be 1 for thecorner back from doohamlet and that would be it....the stupid comments re sean cavanagh are just that...why not Cavan taste the sour grapes also as was it not for bad referee decisions it could have been them that were Ulster champions......

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Get a grip! You can't cite the free than Cavan should have got at the end of our game but ignore the goal/penalty we should have got in the first half. Also, some of Cavan's second-half frees were fairly soft.

Also, given Cavan's performance against Kerry, there's no reason to suggest they would have beaten Donegal in the Ulster Final. Cavan had a decent year, but they faced fairly average opposition for the most part.

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XPOSED......what a load of rubbish,i think your after EXPOSING yourself as a Cavan person!!

Firstly we as MONAGHAN beat Cavan fairly,remember the goal that wasnt given,along with the penalty that should of been given in the same incident?

After 15 minutes of that match the score should of read Monaghan 2-00 Cavan 0-02.Thats a 4 point lead,along with the 4 wides in a row at the start of the second half we should of been winning that match by at least 5 points,while playing well below our best.

To compound the fact your a Cavan person,the corner back from Doohamlet your talking about is Colin Walshe,any Monaghan person would know this!!!!

As for us beating a clearly exhausted Donegal????,NO ONE in this country and outside of it gave us a chance,NO ONE said before the match Donegal were exhausted,they said the were'nt playing well,but still would have to much for Monaghan!thats a fact.

Donegal were beaten out the gate by us by 6 points,and it should of been 10.Why didnt the Donegal Management cry straight after the match about the FAIR tackle on McHugh,not six days later........tell you why,because the cant take the beaten,bit like Cavan.

As for the Tyrone match,things were going ok until Darren Hughes was wrongly booked for a fair,clean tackle on Cavanagh who again throws himslef to the ground.

We didnt play as well as we can,Missed a one on one by jinskey,Thomas freeman got away from Gormely but was wrongly given a free against for a push,which never happened.

And the main point was the pull back by you know who, on Conor McManus who was about to shoot for goal,instead of having at least 2 goals on the board we had 2 points from those 3 attacks.........along with a poor ref,thats what cost us the game.

None of the players are looking for all-stars,they wanted to be in an All Ireland semi final,not collect awards for been individuals,we are a team,not like your boy.....(seanie).

So please dont be so spiteful to the double ULSTER CHAMPIONS,who are still in the race for an All Ireland,with our wonderful minor team..............or should of Cavan won that also???? YA PLANK!


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Totally aagree with Hardcore here!
Donegal were not called an exhausted team before the ulster final but straight after it they were.. any excuse for being beat..
all the comments on here before the ulster final from donegal people were about how much they would beat us by none of them gave us a HOPE.. we went with hunger and won it.. as for the tyrone game, if atleast one of the goal chances went in it would of been a totally different game as monaghan would of been ahead goin into the last 10 mins which tyrone wouldnt like as they like to close out games for the last 10mins with usually 2 or 3 points in their favour.. Monaghan can be proud of what they achieved this year as no way had they an easy draw against cavan and then donegal in the final.. cavan put up a huge fight in a game which shoulda been over if the referee did the job right and gave a penalty.. and in the ulster final monaghan played the all ireland champions off the field in clones.. totally outplayed them in all departments of the pitch.. Very proud of the team and managers and also the minors for the years success which isnt over yet..

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