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Senior League Semi Finals

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Replying To Monaghansclown:  "Can a man not express an opinion without being shot down for it?

All I'm saying is Carrick players should start showing a bit of respect to the men going to games and paying a fiver each week.

19 games x €5 = €95
2 championship games x €12 = €24
League final = €10
Bags of tayto for the gasons = €50
Kerosene for the van = €100

Total: €279

This moneys should be refunded!!!!!

No fans = No football"
I see Centra are doing a 20 pack of Tayto for €3 on Black Friday, you'd feed the gasons for a few years I'd say

WalkOutWithHer (Monaghan) - Posts: 14 - 21/11/2018 09:59:17    2151950