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Whats the latest on u17s playing adult football?

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info on this would be greatly appreciated, checked a few gaa sites but nothing conclusive seen yet.

OxMountain1 (Mayo) - Posts: 1 - 04/01/2016 18:02:33    1814507


As of January 1st 2016 a U17 player can't play senior. Also a county minor panelist can't play league or challenge games for a senior club until the county team is eliminated. You can find these rules at part 1 rule 6.16 and 6.21

forever_69 (Mayo) - Posts: 16 - 05/01/2016 12:05:07    1814612


Ox Mountain - Where were you hiding last Spring when all this was thrashed out?

Congress 2015 Rules Summary: Clarification Regarding Motions 50 2015-03-03 08:01:00
Clarification regarding motion 50 and motion 51: Motions 50 and 51 as passed at Congress, will not become Rule until 1st January 2016. The motions are as follows:
Motion (50) That Rule 6.16 - Official Guide Part 1 - Age Grades (page 83) in respect of Adult and Under 21 Grades be amended to read as follows:
Club - be over 17 years
Inter-County - be over 18 years

Under 21
Club - be under 21 years and over 16 years
Inter-County - be under 21 years and over 18 years

Rest of the Rule to remain unaltered.

Motion (51) That Rules 6.21 - Official Guide Part 1 - Inter-County Players Availability to Clubs (page 88) be amended by the addition of the following as Section (c):
A player on an Inter-County Minor panel shall not play in Adult Club League Competitions/Challenge Games until his Inter-County activity for the year is concluded.

An Inter-County panellist is defined as a player listed in a panel of 24 players on March 1st, and which may be amended and confirmed to the County Secretary on a monthly basis thereafter."

Rules possibly affected - Official Guide Part 1 - Rules 6.12, 6.13 and 6.16.


GAA Congress approved the one-on-one penalty and also an advantage rule in hurling. The proposal that players sent off for a second yellow card be allowed a replacement was defeated.

The proposal to play adult competition, a player must be over 17 (i.e. in his final year minor) at club level and over 18 at inter-county was passed. This takes effect in 2016.

Below is a list of the main motions and the outcome of the debates. (Motions need a weighted, two-thirds majority 67 per cent to be successful unless stated).

50: To play adult competition, a player must be over 17 (i.e. in his final year minor) at club level and over 18 at inter-county. To play under-21 a player must be over 16 (i.e. eligible for U17) at club level and over 18 at inter-county. Voted in two parts, passed 69-31 and 86-14.

51: Restricting minor county panelists from playing with adult clubs until the inter-county season is over. Successful 69-31.

highking (Mayo) - Posts: 168 - 06/01/2016 18:24:46    1814932