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County Grounds shambles

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Roscommon are able to get funding brought forward to do up The Hyde because the Dubs had to travel 35 miles to Carrick on Shannon yesterday. Population of Roscommon is 64,000 while Louth have 123,000. Some things don't add up. Pats had to play in the Drogheda bog last October and nothing has happened since for our county grounds.

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Aughrim has a new stand and Ennis development is ongoing. Don't worry, in 20 years time we'l still be wondering what the story is. What was the point with all the proposals if they were all dead ends?

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A lot of folks held their breath on the development of DKIT. I'm from South Louth myself and I always thought that DKIT would be slightly better equipped, infrastructure wise, for a multi functional stadium.

There doesn't appear to be an appetite to drive fund raising efforts for a Stadium in Drogheda. The CB are about to let parish politics give them a sad, sad legacy as GAA men. Grab a handful of new young people and think outside the box for gods sake. Money won't be long pouring in if you let outsiders come in and run a fund raising committee. Nobody expects the men already doing great work to do more work. But we do expect the men doing great work to delegate tasks and trust their fellow county men.

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I agree SM, I live in Drogheda and i prefered the DKIT option. It makes more sense

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Are we home or away this evening [email protected]

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Dara Ó Sé in the Irish Times saying the following:

Kerry and Monaghan past legends headed out to New York recently for big fund-raising events for Kerry and Monaghan GAA.
A "heap of stuff to go to in Manhatten over 4 days".
"Roscommon were out a couple of weeks before and....Armagh on their way out next week".

"It's a rat race now. Serious business...we're turning up with our hands out and the cap looking to be filled. We're all at it because we all have to be at it".

Are we in Louth 'at it'? I haven't seen a single thing to suggest we are.
Do our officials even realise this type of stuff is going on?

Why are clubs in this county able to raise hundreds of thousands, yet the County Board have zero visibility in terms of fundraising and just squeeze money out of clubs and parents of u10s for parking in Darver.
A bit more work in this area from our officials, and less 'socialising' with the senior team over in London would not go amiss.

And the crucial bit from Ó Sé:
"The population base is useless to you unless you put good people in charge of it".

Because in Louth, despite being the Wee County, we have a very sizeable population and more businesses than most.
Whatever about not producing the players, we shouldn't be behind financially.
Surely it is time to head-hunt an individual with the adequate financial skills to get us off the ground, because whatever structure is there at present is failing badly.
Something is not right, and it has gone on far too long.

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Put your hand up no14 then, ask you club to put your forward and run to see can you get on the county board!

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I'm not in the country let alone the county for parts of the year unfortunately MR.
Disappointing that "do it yourself then" is all you could take from the post though.

Does anyone know if there is a significant Louth diaspora in any of New York, Chicago etc, or even Australian cities/ London?
Any successful Louth business people abroad?
Any ex-Louth intercounty players we could/should be looking to for guidance in fundraising over there?

If we could somehow send the likes of Paddy Keenan, Aaron Hoey etc over...maybe rope in the Kearneys, Steve Staunton or other successful sportspeople with Louth GAA backgrounds, we could do something similar to Monaghan and generate some extra income from abroad.
Maybe Ciaran Byrne's recent success with Carlton could allow us a foothold to some fundrasing events in Melbourne even?

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Ex Tones and former Ireland International player Gary Kelly.

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No14's post didn't deserve the response you posted MR. He has highlighted an area where the county board are falling down very badly. Aidan Berrill has also highlighted this failure. There is good will out there. Unfortunately none of the county board's "efforts" to harness that good will have been in any way successful. Given that the hurlers flew over to Birmingham on the morning of their Lory Meaghar Cup match v Warwickshire and then flew home immediately after their match I would love to know what happened to the grant that the GAA paid to finance that trip.

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There is a lot of wealth around Louth for sure and it is not tapped! Have the CB a fundraising committee?

Club Louth should be driven to the highs of other county's.

Direct debit of 500 people at €20 a month - €120K a year

Direct Debit of €50 a month from 250 companies = €150K a year

One large event a year that can raise €40K

That is €310K !

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Do we have a Club Louth?

You see/hear a lot about Club Tyrone and Club Rossie for example, which seem to do great fundraising for their counties.

Have a look at the "Roscommon GAA - Club Rossie" page on Facebook.

Roscommon GAA Club in New York raised €44,000 for them.
Their delegates trip out to New York raised €300,000+, they claim.

They've signed Shannonside FM, local construction companies, Dublin based risk management companies etc as business supporters, as well as....wait for it.....New Era Packaging from Drogheda!!!
Along with many many others!

It's really impressive stuff - they're obviously putting in as much work off the pitch as they have been putting into their underage players for the last 10-15 years - and it's really starting to pay off for them.

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O'Connor said we were 99% there 18 months ago, that is longest 1% in history, still no further communication on this!

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