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Out of our depth unfortunately in Division 2 , it's clear to see now after 2 games .(think we all knew it but tried to keep the optimism )

Semi decent first half recovery last night after chasing the game from the first while.
Disaster of a second half, Cavan cutting us open at will, any amount of space they were given to pass it about and score.
Defensively we are poor, conceding heavily now and bigger fixtures to come.
Craig Lynch again making errors with kick outs and costing us possessions and scores. It's every game now he is at it . Almost cost us a goal last night trying to let a ball go wide over his head, the cavan forward got behind him and caught it! .
Yes the lads are trying , Andy Mcdonnell the best man last night , but we don't have the defensive talent , physical stature , nor subs bench to cut the mustard unfortunately.
Reluctant to keep being negative but it's not looking promising. Who knows, we might pull something out of the bag in this division, just can't see it as we are not scoring enough either.

Long road to cork next weekend.

louthman57 (Louth) - Posts: 273 - 04/02/2018 11:34:54    2073797


Big problems scoring from play. Just don't really have a talented full forward line to be honest.apart from the Laois game last year I don't think we racked up good scores so to think this year a level up would be any different is crazy. Defensively we are light and a few inexperienced players. At least in the league last year we were tight but a few players have moved on. P Reilly not getting a game is not good enough. Has physical presence and gives his all. None of those lads wAnt a beating but we are punching above our weight and that's that. It shows us where we are as a footballing county in Ireland. We have no ambition and that starts at the top. General level of feelings from the main population when lost to Down was "ah same old Louth". We as a county expect and almost want our lads to fail so we can say "I told ya so". The CB are a joke they sit in Darver and pat each other on the back and say what a fine building this is is. 20 miles away Meath are gonna spend millions revamping Navan. My grandfather played football in the 40's and said Louth was a great place for football...sadly those days are gone probably forever. We are now IMO a soccer county.

GAAdundalk (Louth) - Posts: 489 - 04/02/2018 13:04:47    2073821


The ref last night was terrible I reckon that he gave Cavan 5 or 6 easy points. At one stage Cavan took a quick free, it went to a louth player so he said it should be retaken. Bevan Duffy caught a ball and dropped it due to a shoulder in the back but ref waves play on. Second half more of the same in particular Cavan player with the ball and pushes the Louth player and ref plays on.

Yes the ref was poor but watching the Louth players make error after error was poor to watch. Craig Lynch should have been dropped after last week but no he is picked again, kicked the ball 3 times over the side line and one kick straight to a Cavan player, gave Cavan a point and was poor on two of the goals.

The outfield players very poor, there was terrible wides, passing to players bedside the player with the ball, which slowed down the game and not doing the old fashioned rule of passing a ball to a player wearing the same colours. This was a shambolic performance, this team is more or less the team for the championship and in my view they are going no where. They made mistake after mistake. There wasn't one player who could hold their head up high. This was a Cavan team with ten new players.

I expected Pete Mc Grath to put some sort of stamp on the team but I saw nothing. Yes this isn't a great team but the errors made yesterday wouldn't be seen on an under ten team.

I am booked to go to Cork and I know I will be having the same rant. Lastly Louth don't look fit and a beating like last night will take a long time for the team to get over.

MiddleofLouth (Louth) - Posts: 84 - 04/02/2018 13:08:51    2073823


Alot of us in Cavan are sad to see Louth in such a poor state. Numerous of us said it down in the pub after that it was the worse county team ever to play in breffni.

foxes_denn (Cavan) - Posts: 128 - 07/02/2018 19:39:55    2074886