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O Byrne Cup Draw:

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Replying To DundalkGael:  "7500 Capacity, Was barely 150 people in Darver on Saturday. Having a big stadium would be pointless at this stage.

Our fellas must have had a good Christmas, training for a month and they are as unfit as any Louth team ive ever seen.

Pop Rath gone off the squad already, McGrath wont last till the Summer"
One game in and you're so negative! After tonight are we gonna be competitive in Leinster?? Lets be realistic, long season ahead.

We will judge the team on what they do or don't do over the season! very easy throwing daggers at lads who are just trying to find their feet. Pop Rath doesn't want to be apart of it..... theres many more lads who want to be apart of it so lets support these lads and in return they will try their hearts out.

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Replying To OhtobeARossie:  "Well done tonight louth should put a pep in the step at training
Genuinely hope ourselves and ye have a good division 2 camaign and both survive."
Well done Pete and the lads. That was a hugh improvement to-night. Some great passing movements and fielding. Andy was the main man and Jim Mac was key when he came on in second half. The new lads all played their parts with James Butler and Tadhg McEneaney up front being particularly impressive. Could Tadgh be the new Shane? James Craven was best of a good full back line with Ronan Grufferty impressing at midfield alongside the hard working Tommy Durnin.

We now top the group but the Lilies must beat Longford and by less than 10 points on Sunday for us to reach semis.

By the way Hawkfield ,Kildare's CoE,has a small stand but the field for parking is not at Darver standards
They also charged €1 for the team sheet

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Very encouraging last night. Some of the weaknesses from Saturday, as highlighted by Pete, improved upon already, such as taking goal chances. Tadhg took his two very well and Tommy had a great chance only for the ref to make a ridiculous decision and award a free out. Thought the defence in the second half especially, was very disciplined and strong in the tackle. The new faces from both days have showed plenty of promise. Some nice options in the backs, with Carolan, and Khan impressing. Grufferty looked a great option around the middle and Woods, Nally, Butler and McEnanaey have taken nice scores and looked at home so far. I agree with 1961 about Andy and Tommy and already the move of Bevan to centre half back looks a real solution in that key role. So I would certainly leave Pete there until after the Down game anyhow.................

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Great to see Louth's win over Kildare in Kildare, and it gives us cause to hope for a good League run. An interesting situation now on Sunday. Louth need Kildare to beat Longford but not by too much - or too little. Kildare's victory must be between 5 and 10 points if Louth are to progress to the Semi-Final. Anything else and we are finished with the O Byrne Cup for another year.

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My first post of this year and I wanna wish everyone a happy new year. A great win for Louth over Kildare down in Hawkfield following their disappointing defeat to Longford at Darver. Not long to go till the league starts. An Lu Abu!

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