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Just after having a look at player's (approx.) ages and not to be jumping the gun but if the players can have a bit of patience, commitment and belief Leitrim could be building something tangible. I know there's probably going to be more tuff days like Sunday before any success but atleast there's hope again unlike the last 5 years. I've left a few of the older lads out for the sake of this argument.
Flynn (23)
Plunkett (23)
Wrynn (23)
Rooney (23)
Moran (25)
Plunkett (20)
Dolan (19)
Beirne (20)
Rooney (19)
O'Rourke (20)
Plunkett (22)
Cullen (20)
Heslin (20)
Gaffney (20
McTague (20)
Mitchell (20)
I know this is a cynical thing to say but a trip to the USA next year along with the improvement in the team might convince the likes of Conlan (26) Brennan (30) and E. Madden (23) to return.
I'm sure I'm missing many players here aswell. The one worry I have is that the county board don't have the foresight or vision to coordinate a strategy to give these players the best opportunity of success. We need to employ proper S/C team to make sure these players don't get injuries and also so that they can compete physically. In the world we live in this takes money however and Croke Park, fans and benefactors all need to have faith in the county board before they would donate which I worry they don't have.
A rising tide also lifts all boats. So hopefully this resurgence will filter down into club level as many clubs are represented. I'm sure there are a few players who are good enough but haven't been prepared to commit to inter-county before.

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