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laughable to say wexford game cost leitrim promotion, we were hammered out the gate by westmeath and lost again to limerick yesterday, i see the blame game is starting with the management again.........brendan guckian, shane ward, whoever.......yet the players are absolved of any responsibility for bad results

totalrecall (Leitrim) - Posts: 431 - 20/03/2017 11:23:56    1968998


In hindsight we probably have blown a chance at being promoted once again. There's no doubt ability wise we are in a better place than last year to rattle Roscommon in the championship if we get there. However, its perfectly fair to criticise the management with some of their tactics and selections they've made

OnTheBank (Australia) - Posts: 139 - 20/03/2017 20:43:33    1969293


so twice we have faced teams with 14 men for long periods and cant put them away?

we have as talented a young bunch as we have had for years so there is hope, the rossies are in turmoil but we need to have the belief and the nouse on the sideline to execute a plan

the biggest thing is keeping this bunch together and not see the night Paul Brennan or Kevin Conlan in other counties jerseys while we have imports that are no better than we have in the county but not togging

its a big season ahead and lets not think we will get out of london lightly either

user.name (Leitrim) - Posts: 67 - 21/03/2017 09:28:01    1969379


Wexford game cost us. We easily could have won that game. Anyone that says otherwise obviously wasn't at it. Confidence gained from a win there would have been massive. Different mindset going into other games.
Lots of reasons to be optimistic. Good crop of U 21 lads coming through.

coppers.abu (Leitrim) - Posts: 89 - 26/03/2017 19:33:13    1971372


So, how was the Waterford game?

Tacaí Liatroma (Leitrim) - Posts: 512 - 02/04/2017 22:52:57    1974512


Another win yesterday which we made far more difficult than it should have been with a poor second half. Unfortunately I see no pattern of play in what we are attempting to do and by the looks of it the players seem the same. It pains me to say it but it seems as if the management are out of its depth. I fancy us to get over London but don't give us much of a chance against the Rossies once again even though we have a stronger panel and they have a weaker one since last year. We have a far better panel of players this year than we have had in years yet I have seen no progression in either their play or their S&C. The county board need to be seriously radical and show ambition in their structures and managerial appointments otherwise this good crop of young players we have will be wasted.

OnTheBank (Australia) - Posts: 139 - 03/04/2017 14:32:26    1974827


We were good for a twenty minute spell in the second half on Saturday - Waterford could barely get out of their half. Shouldve won by about 8 points, just lost concentration, which is worrying. Ive been to three Leitrim matches in the past 12 months - Galway in the FBD, Sligo in the qualifiers last year and that one the other day, so I'd be happy enough we're going in the right direction at least.

MagnumPIG (Leitrim) - Posts: 121 - 03/04/2017 16:12:39    1974893


Was it a good NFL for Leitrim this year?

aaaaaaaa (Australia) - Posts: 14 - 05/04/2017 21:49:55    1976220


Not really when you think back to the Wexford game. Everyone knows you have to win your first two games to be in with a shout of promotion. We all knew Westmeath were shoo ins for promotion given their Leinster championship form in recent years. Having the 2nd favourites at home and a man down at half time and we couldnt put them away ... youthful team aside ... it was unfortunate adn takes the polish off the league campaign

Dodgy_Pass (Leitrim) - Posts: 314 - 05/04/2017 22:19:23    1976246