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Fantastic win today best of luck in the final lads! Delighted for the likes of Clement Cunniffe and Vinny Mc Dermott in particular who have given sterling service for many years to Leitrim hurling with little or no reward , they will get their day out in croke park. Also for the handful of people in the county who have kept the game alive here with little or no support , I'm delighted for them too. Really hope they go on and win it now!

green.and.gold (Leitrim) - Posts: 359 - 20/05/2017 21:19:40    1988657


Amen to that, and the story of Zac Moradi, the Iraqi Kurd refugee who ended up in living in Carrick and is a corner forward on the team will no doubt pique the media interest in the period leading up to the game . well done, one and all

festy_o_semtex (UK) - Posts: 67 - 22/05/2017 15:25:58    1989421


i really hope Leitrim hurling can get the win in the Lory Meagher cup @ Croke Park ,They have struggled for a long time & are or where the weakest hurling county in Ireland up until this year i would say but hopefully this will be a huge boost for the hurling people of Leitrim ,i did hear Gortlettragh (spelling is wrong im sure) hurling team had folded ,which i really hope is not true ,From what i hear this is a nice Hurling Team ,Zak Moradi is very fast & quiet skilful at corner forward & also hurling with Thomas Davis in the dublin Intermediate Hurling championship ,they showed great heart coming back & almost pipping Fermanagh on the opening round & again two poor goals batted out by the Leitrim Goalkeeper ,cost them that result in Birmingham ,keeper played with a broken Thumb i heard ,not ideal ,LONG LIVE LEITRIM HURLING ,best of luck Clement Cunniffe ,Players & mentors on the day Leitrim Abu

emerald79 (Kilkenny) - Posts: 59 - 25/05/2017 20:38:05    1990815


Best of luck to the hurlers on Saturday. Hope there's big support there for them they deserve it. It's great for the long serving players and officials in particular who've kept Leitrim hurling going down the years with little support or reward that they're finally getting a big day out in croke park. Probably the best chance of us seeing a Leitrim captain lifting a trophy in croke park too!

green.and.gold (Leitrim) - Posts: 359 - 08/06/2017 11:41:24    1996851