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Ladies - Is Ladies GAA in decline?
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02/04/2010 09:52:08
County: Dublin
Posts: 319

With the current economic downturn, is ladies football on its way out. The standard appears to be falling dramatically it is apparent that players are not putting the effort in at training. I am concerned for the game and believe that in a year or two there will be nothing left.
28/04/2010 09:36:30
County: Fermanagh
Posts: 34

ohh yes very much so
29/04/2010 14:14:44
County: Dublin
Posts: 319

We might as well just pull the plug on it so because its obvious no body gives a damn including players.
24/05/2010 19:03:58
County: Down
Posts: 25

In my opinion ladies gaelic football does NOT get the reconigition it deserves. It has next to none support from the county board. And they are hardly ever allowed to play in their OWN county pitch.

Ladies gaelic is on the way up, but its needs to be given support and equality!
in my opinion it should not be on a seperate board but should join as one with the mens GAA.

Christy Cooney talks about equality in the GAA, well please do something to fix it!!
26/05/2010 16:24:17
County: Dublin
Posts: 319

you cant do that be realistic
08/06/2010 14:51:31
County: Dublin
Posts: 1

Bluearmy nobody will be pulling plugs on anything, Laies Football is alive and well and is the fastest grownig sport in the country.
OK so the Dublin seniors ladies didnt have a great season but at juvenile level its thriving and believe me so is the standard.
Try the Dublin Ladies GAA website for juvenile fixtures and go watch a couple, it would put many of the guys to shame!

Yes it should be on a par with the fellas and organised centrally from Croker but they are going about their business quietly and fair play to them,
within a year or two it will be too big to ignore, watch this space...
20/08/2010 17:08:00
County: Monaghan
Posts: 156

Yea I would agree it is in the decline. Very little been done to promote the game. No match reports in most national papers just a wee roundup. Really need better PR work been done.
23/08/2010 14:58:02
County: Galway
Posts: 74

Ladies football appears to be in decline, not alone poor coverage in the press but very few intercounty match reports on ladies website
Christy Cooney has done everything to reach out to the ladies game, but ladies association have done nothing to help themselves
look at the teams that have struugled, who did not take part in the league and loosing the likes of London, the future does not look bright.
02/03/2011 14:39:52
County: Dublin
Posts: 319

ladies football and camogie has been in decline since the day it started.
07/03/2011 17:25:57
County: Wicklow
Posts: 2

Ladies football is not in decline, but I do agree the sport gets little or no coverage in the National press, the Ladies site leaves a lot to be desired, the 'latest news' shows a report that is a week old, despite PRO's etc submitting reports. At least it should be updated every Monday / Tuesday. May be we will see an improvement when the new strategic plan is rolled out...
09/03/2011 09:56:50
County: Galway
Posts: 347

County: Dublin
Posts: 105

879713 ladies football and camogie has been in decline since the day it started.

Do you just go around to different boards to annoy people? Again you clearly do not know what your talking about.

Ladies football is the fastest growing sport in the country. The girls, similar to the fellas traing two/three times a week along with work/college. in the off season most train two/three times a week with college. and it never ends.

your point that it was in deline since the day it started was unfair and inaccurate.the figures are there to show that. and if you say tehre is no support you might would have want to be in Galway in 2004 when those girls came home, mayhem and welcomed with such excitment.

I do however believe the people "At the top" do not put enough into the promotion. And feel they are going about it in the wrong way. The website used to be alot better. Now the updates etc are pathetic.

Ladies football has produced some serious talent over the years, cora staunton, mulcahy, clarke, Joyce etc, and most of these would stroll onto some mens team.

and how does it have a chance in progressing if idiots like you arent even giveing it a chance. I bet you have never even been to a game.

Mind would you come on here and congratulate Dublin (If you actually are from there) on winning there All Ireland Senior title.

Open your eyes and grow up!
09/03/2011 11:02:06
County: Dublin
Posts: 319


I am not saying that ladies do not put the effort in, the fact is that because football and hurling are physical and fast paced games, this means that ladies are straight away at a disadvantage. The end result is a poor spectacle, i would imagine that most people that go to these games are friends or family.
01/05/2011 19:42:44
County: Wexford
Posts: 178

women put in the same if not more than the men i wouldnt even get a crowd ata match for it
01/06/2011 14:22:32
County: USA
Posts: 23

Its, true, the crowds at womens matches are very small but they are well worth going to.
08/06/2011 19:57:57
County: Galway
Posts: 237

16/06/2011 10:18:59
County: Mayo
Posts: 106

What is the talent like in the US larry
08/07/2011 13:27:00
County: UK
Posts: 3

Here in London we've added 2 new teams to the county this year and have over 500 players registered. We have over 100 games being played this summer with nearly all fixtures being fulfilled. We've bringing players up from underage and have 6 English born players on our county panel. Difficult to argue that it's a game in decline with support like that ..
19/07/2011 17:12:25
County: Galway
Posts: 347

Shut up billy,,

And bluearmy your not making much sense there.

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