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Why did Dublin get most nominees???
Makes no sense??
Think Laois and Kerry should get a few each and Cork and Monaghan will probably get 7 between them...

BigJohn.6_8 (Galway) - Posts: 704 - 11/10/2011 12:55:42    1050100


Two things strike me about the All Stars - Westmeath and Wicklow (both Leinster and All Ireland Champions and victors after a replay) fail to get even a nomination. Absolutely ludicrous. I give up on this so called selection committee - love to know how many matches they attended at Junior and Intermediate level. Will never know as they don't account for their decisions. Always believed the awards were ridiculously selected and this year I've seen it for myself. Let's be fair and select three grades of All star and stop the bull about it being accross the board - The token Junior nomination went to Wexford and while I applaud the girl who got it many more girls have been overlooked.

Puppys01 (Wicklow) - Posts: 95 - 13/10/2011 10:56:38    1051265


Hey guys after that last comment I decided to look up Westmeath results this year. Cork and Westmeath are the only teams to win all 3 cups they compete in. Westmeath never lost a game in league or Leinster championship winning this 2 cups and 1 loss in championship and still finished first in there group. Went on to win semi final and 2 finals in Croke park and them and cork are only 2 teams in the country to only loose 1 game in the year and there intermediate champions and no all star nominations OMG what'S that all about. All star nominations were picked before Westmeath won and they presumed that they would loose as they came from nowhere this year but with there unreal fighting attitude I think they deserved at least 3 nominations and defiantly the blonde number 12 maher I think should 100% be a all star never mind nominated and the captain finn was unreal scoring the winning point and leading her team to glory surely these deserve a mention. I think it's bad enough my own county Dublin got more nominations than cork but it's a slap on the face of those girls in Westmeath who achieved the unbelievable this year and no reward. I think the all star nomination committee obviously made up of my own dubs should be ashamed of themselves and showed total disrespect. What you think guys

Djkray (Dublin) - Posts: 152 - 14/10/2011 11:42:57    1051805


pick one player from the wicklow or westmeath teams and say who they should replace on the all star nominee list? the fact is there is nobody on either team that is better, and im not being harsh there, iv seen all play, across all the levels, and there isn't one girl who should be on that list in place of the girls that are on it. it's irrelevant who is senior and who is intermediate and who is junior.

the all star selection is INDIVIDUAL, so as such it doesnt acutally matter that westmeath won all round them and wicklow won the all ire, because on an individual level they aren't better. for example, are the wicklow or westmeath midfielders better than juliet murphy and tracy lawlor? no. are any of the defenders better than sharon courtney, chrissie reilly, aisling leonard, sinead goldrick? no. individually, no players from either team are better than the 45 nominees on the list. and in terms of intermediate nominees, not being biased here but nobody can argue with aisling doonan's inclusion. show me a wicklow/westmeath player who can put over a sideline from inside the 13 (NOT a fluke, she did the exact same on Tg4 in the league final last year) and then you can argue! :-)

clonee (Cavan) - Posts: 68 - 06/11/2011 16:55:07    1064080


Clonee - As usual ya miss the point - I disagree with the All Stars as they are currently constituted - There should be Junior, Inter and Senior All Stars as they are not selecting like with like (this would be fairer) - Aish is a good player but no better than some other Junior and Intermediate players. So what if she scores a line ball - if you are taking that line she missed some crucial frees at end of All Ireland. This is a fact !. I don't begrudge anyone a nomination but my point is that some of these so called selector are never even seen at the relevant matches. The simple matter is that if some of the players not selected were on a senior team they would have a better chance to be selected without doubt and they would make the senior teams - Absolutely ridiculous that Mary Rose Kelly got an All Star nomination as keeper - She didn't select herself but I don't know a keeper that let in more goals in the championship so someone likes her within the selection process which seems to be all one needs for a nomination !!!!

Puppys01 (Wicklow) - Posts: 95 - 08/11/2011 12:31:53    1065034


surely Lucy Mulhall of Wicklow is as good if not better than some of the senior forwards that have got All Star nominations

arranbanner (Galway) - Posts: 74 - 08/11/2011 13:30:14    1065072


Ok i know this post now is dead and buried as the girls are now selected and all the girls who got there niminations i am delighted for them.
what i do think is that the selection process is mad really bad. Clonee your totally wrong in saying that no girls from Wicklow or Westmeath were good enough or better than any of the girls who were selected.
now a couple of points Westmeath had a superb goalkeeper who let in less i think than anyone in the champio0nship they had a midfielder who won player of the final and 4 other player of the matches in 4 other championship matches and they had a girl at wing forward i think her name is Maher who practically won a all ireland on her own by destroying the Cavan defence and i never seen any senior players at any grade run at defenders like she could. Now lastly wicklow girl Mullhall is probably 1 of teh most talented full forwards out there and she would walk onto any senior team and i know for a fact that every single 3rd level college was looking for them to join there o'connor cup teams and surely she deserved recognition.
the total point is it would be nice to acknowledge that teh

Djkray (Dublin) - Posts: 152 - 14/11/2011 12:52:56    1068534


Well done to all the girls special Mention to Mary Kirwan of Laois who has given her life to the game and has been over looked before ...well done all...Jul Murphy from cork deserved the player of the year aswell what a player she is!

BigJohn.6_8 (Galway) - Posts: 704 - 15/11/2011 14:21:34    1069342