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Club Secretary as County Board Rep??..

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Is there any requirement on a Club Secretary to also be a rep to county board?

I was forced to step down as my Club Secretary this year because the Chairperson insisted I had to be a direct link to county board.

There seemed to be a lot of politics going on in the run up to the AGM - people being asked to take on roles without the current officer being told about it, pushing people into roles they didn't want, etc.

I just want to see what general practice is out there in relation to Secretary. Supposedly this order has come down from County Board but looking at other club AGM reports the county board rep is rarely the secretary.

Please help!

Siofra (Clare) - Posts: 1 - 03/02/2011 16:25:12    859602


Siofra - each club is supposed to have a county board delegate to attend the meetings. Its in the clubs best interest to attend as this is how information about leagues/championships/transfers etc. There is no specific requirement on the secretary to attend, just as long as the club is represented.
I think you may have been forced to step down unfairly. A secretary is such a key role to the running of a club and because they tend to do more than their share, it would probably be better to have a different delegate to attend county board meetings. Why couldnt your chairperson act as the direct contact to the county board?
Politics ruins clubs and the behind the scenes negotiations doesnt sound good, should be done in the correct way with the nominations and voting in of officers.
In my experience this practice doesnt come down from the county boards. Hope this is of some help!

lilywhite (Kildare) - Posts: 147 - 03/02/2011 20:29:09    859844