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No Clare player on All Stars!

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Is this a first? The Intermediate Football Champions are completely overlooked for an All Star award?

A disgrace that Clare got no representation in the final fifteen selected & had only three nominees initially.

dingle1 (Clare) - Posts: 805 - 16/11/2009 21:46:13    485599


Well to be honest i do not think it is at all fair for intermediate players to receive a senior all-star. I definitely think that there should be an all-star team but at that level. It is very hard for senior players looking at an intermediate player perhaps take their spot, knowing that if their were pitted against them they would not have a look in. I know this this opinion is not the popular one but one that is felt by all senior players.

rollingstones (Monaghan) - Posts: 57 - 24/11/2009 17:06:44    492932


To be honest the All Stars should be just for senior players with the Intermediate and Junior players being honoured with a player of the year award. No one from the Intermediate or Junior grade should be nominated might not be popular but its my opinion!!

Dublinmon (Dublin) - Posts: 1 - 17/12/2009 12:59:38    516426


All-Stars from Senior Teams
Team of the year Intermediate level
Team of the year Junior level.
When there is an obviously huge gulf in these levels then this is the only solution. Also rewards players at all grades,eg you could have a senior standard player plaing for a Junior team.

Maroonie (Westmeath) - Posts: 105 - 01/02/2010 15:05:06    548241


I dont agree at all. If they would actually take into account talent and not just the big names there would be room for junior and intermediate all stars. And o please... taking someones place, are you having a laugh!

Final_Whistle (Donegal) - Posts: 10 - 20/03/2010 16:02:33    593450


I think all stars should be scrapped

mmmm (Mayo) - Posts: 106 - 26/04/2010 11:37:01    629369


no clare players on all stars list? thats a complete yoke

williambell1 (Fermanagh) - Posts: 6 - 27/04/2010 09:11:51    630599