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Should ladies football players wear skirts?

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Was at Cork .v. Kilkenny camogie final last week & thought the skirts looked great on the players. Should ladies football follow suit & introduce them for their game?

dingle1 (Clare) - Posts: 805 - 19/09/2009 00:39:41    430306


Absolutely not, I play football as an athlete, not to look good! For me, proper GAA wear is shorts

suziec (Dublin) - Posts: 4 - 24/09/2009 13:44:23    435241


No , definitely not. Skorts look dire.

football first (None) - Posts: 1126 - 24/09/2009 16:57:04    435512


no way!!! there is no need for us to wear them so why bother? who cares if they look good....shorts look the same anyway practically

Shortass (Cork) - Posts: 2 - 25/09/2009 13:37:25    436311


Skorts are grand for camogie, but not a good idea for footie, less range of motion kicking etc. I suppose it would depend on material used but i think it should just stay the way it is

GAANO.1 (Cork) - Posts: 10 - 09/07/2010 16:12:13    701752


suziec I agree with you, it is obvious that lady footballers are not vain and do not care about their appearance, their just like men and should wear togs like men do

inoyerright (Tipperary) - Posts: 98 - 28/09/2010 09:17:11    785499


dingle1,goin by your comment,dont you think it sounds just a tad pervy??

FaceThatBall (Tyrone) - Posts: 140 - 03/08/2011 17:48:20    1002718


yes skirts and tights should be worn

flyer (Meath) - Posts: 815 - 07/08/2011 18:15:55    1005799


Most women who play sport obviously have no regard for their appearance. therefore it doesn't really matter what they wear.

womenourlimits (Galway) - Posts: 237 - 09/09/2011 16:51:12    1030811