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Quick Question folks...

Just wondering how it works in the kingdom regarding County players fielding for there clubs? Does your county board/manager decide how long of a rest period the the players should have coming into a championship game for Kerry? Do ye have a round of league games (club) 7-8 days prior to your county team playing in important games? Or are all club fixtures put on hold until the county team's season ends like in Mayo?

Hollyman (Mayo) - Posts: 65 - 09/08/2011 17:04:01    1007564


Championship games are put on the long finger, the majority of time all divisional league games are also called off, if league games are played the week before the first 20 or so panel players are pulled, but fringe players play away. Often one can judge that way what players will get a run out the following week. It's amixture of keeping players fresh and avoiding injury but still i suppose they need match practise.

Horsebox77 (Kerry) - Posts: 4343 - 09/08/2011 20:40:20    1007727