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Kerry Starting 15 for Sunday Quarter Final V Limerick

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Reckon Tomas back in to wing back and have a feeling Tom O'Sullivan will lose out in reshuffle - Paul Galvin to start and Dareen to corner forward and O'Leary to lose out - any advance on that!

traleeexile (Kerry) - Posts: 732 - 28/07/2011 13:04:11    997454


Think Enright/Tom/Bohane/Young. 2 places out of four.Could go anyway.

Real Kerry Fan (None) - Posts: 2957 - 28/07/2011 13:54:33    997512


Ya that's the general consensus, Shane Enright has really enhanced his chances of a starting place very consistent and extremely comfortable on the ball, both Paul and Tomas need game time, Tomas will start with either a straight swop for O'Mahoney or else Killian back in the corner instead of Tom Sull. O'Leary is an above average club player but lacks that 'killer' kick required for this level, So for me it's Darren in the corner and roam and Paul at his usual 10 with Donnacha Walsh back over to 12.

Would hope to see Tommy Griffin on the bench too at getting maybe 15-20 minutes or so; a fit Griffin would be a fair plus considering his versatility and experience.

Horsebox77 (Kerry) - Posts: 4637 - 28/07/2011 14:01:36    997521


maybe ye could leave donahy and gouch at home .the o se and o sullivans in the bus and we might have a chance

limeric1973 (Limerick) - Posts: 80 - 28/07/2011 16:15:17    997665


I really hope Paul gets through this game without sustaining any more injuries.
I'd love to see us tighten up at the back and conceed no goals that would be a good confidence builder for the lads.
Finally what ever team is picked i hope we get a good run out with no one getting sent off because we need a full pack if it turns out to be
cork in the semi.

westkerry (Kerry) - Posts: 1224 - 28/07/2011 19:21:28    997844


Team Announced: Keely, Young, Marc Sé, Tom Sullivan, Tomás Sé, Brosnan, Aidan Mahony, Maher & Sheehan, Paul, Declan, Donnchadh, Colm Cooper, Donaghy & Darran.

Strongest Possible really isn;t it?

Horsebox77 (Kerry) - Posts: 4637 - 28/07/2011 21:06:14    997927


that ye may be beaten out the gate please god!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

luimneachboy (Limerick) - Posts: 240 - 28/07/2011 21:22:05    997948


does anyone think kerry can win the final

bernadette (Kerry) - Posts: 8 - 29/07/2011 15:02:42    998261


if kerry and cork win this weekend. what are kerry's chances of beating cork in the simi final.

bernadette (Kerry) - Posts: 8 - 29/07/2011 15:05:10    998264


I think with the exception of the injured David Moran this is our strongest team, id change the keeper but thats just my view. Id like to see enright & Geaney get a run on sunday at some stage.

Up the Kingdom....

westkerry (Kerry) - Posts: 1224 - 29/07/2011 20:45:33    998509


Will tomas or galvin be able to keep their bibs clean and be about for the next game.I see l hayes in indo the other day talking about the gooch and his lack of takin on defenders anymore and most of his scores are from frees or shots inside the 30 range and he,s only 27 or so canavan took on county defenders at club level at 39 is the great gooch what he should be or a has been.No sam for kerry this year.

mickeylinden (Monaghan) - Posts: 587 - 29/07/2011 21:50:51    998554


id say that galvin and o se could get in trouble 2morrow .limerick to sneak it.

limeric1973 (Limerick) - Posts: 80 - 30/07/2011 09:49:09    998576


great prediction limerick, well done!

Cute_Kerry_Hoor (Kerry) - Posts: 2518 - 05/08/2011 14:34:37    1004228