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Replying To Horsebox77:  "Was it not his brother Brian McGuire that was on the panel in Fitz's time?

Watched Fossa's game online, jez DC is some player but in that game kerry hurler Jordan Conway had some outing at centre back"
I looked it up and they were both on it. Jack was only on it for a short enough period around 2015 but Brian got a lot of games in the league and came on in 5 championship games. He was there even before Fitzmaurice.

Kerry15 (Kerry) - Posts: 514 - 04/08/2020 10:50:14    2286300


Replying To KingdomBoy1:  "Who was Conway playing for horse?"
St Pats

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Replying To Kerry15:  "St Pats"
Thanks kerry15.

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Kingdomboy, €40 back out of €120 for the season ticket, bit of a joke eh? The decent thing would surely have been to give ye the 2021 Season Ticket for free!!

Looks like we can forget about any crowd at a GAA game for 2020. I was really hoping they'd bump it up to 500 so that I might wriggled my way into Crotta's opening game in the Championship against the reigning champions Causeway next week.

It would be just typical if we finally ended the Famine and had no supporters there on the day and no pub in Kilflynn allowed open to help celebrate!!!

Christ, I suppose they'll be many a pub in Kerry that will never open again now. Dingle and Killarney will do ok, but this will decimate so many small other towns and villages.

What would Kilflynn be like without Parkers or Herberts there. They really are the heart of the community.

TheHermit (Kerry) - Posts: 5563 - 06/08/2020 11:04:05    2286575