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Listening to TT tonight and Sylvester had a few stats that were interesting, daithi Casey had 43 possessions and did very well with all of them and got the ball moving forward at nearly every opportunity and he also scored two excellent points from play. Syl also said in the 13 years that he's been doing stats that's the second highest amount he's come across, so fair play to daithi.

Also Clifford got 23 possessions in the inside line which was excellent.

Our possessions from kickouts were not so great where we only managed to win 17 from the 52 kickouts on the night.

Our boys need to put in serious work on the breaking ball for the summer.

KingdomBoy1 (Kerry) - Posts: 6661 - 19/03/2018 20:27:24    2086003


Yea I've been a fan of Casey for a while now I think he was a victim of the Crokes success as he couldn't play in the league a few years there. I'll say one thing he can move a much faster player than Buckley for what I have seen and he will get better and fitter as he still is a club player and the county training will help him even though he played the whole game its probably his first full one. He is exactly the player we need someone with speed and can score on the run but then again he might disappear the rest of the year like a few have done. As sure as god made gooseberries I can see donnacha back in there if he is anyway fit I heard Fitzy mention him last week and to me he should not be anywhere near that team now or barry john kean either for that matter.

chicago09 (Kerry) - Posts: 607 - 20/03/2018 01:38:53    2086087