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Is it true that the county board has decided not to run U21 this year?

gaillimhboy (Galway) - 14/12/2016 17:33:19    1940150


Replying To gaillimhboy:  "Is it true that the county board has decided not to run U21 this year?"
Hurling/Football or both . Is this the first step of the hurling orientated board to get rid of football ;)

fairplay4ever (Galway) - 15/12/2016 14:51:35    1940342



gaillimhboy (Galway) - 15/12/2016 21:06:01    1940430


Believe if they are going to have it at all it will be in October

west101 (Galway) - 16/12/2016 10:15:51    1940498


Would make more sense to have all the competition together instead of west/north finals early in year and county final months later.

Gaagodeo (Galway) - 27/12/2016 01:42:06    1942106


Any word if this competition is going ahead this year or are the county board going to wait a bit longer for the weather to get worse

west101 (Galway) - 04/10/2017 16:00:53    2053053


Supposedly getting under way on the October bank holiday weekend. 28th/29th/30th.

gaillimhboy (Galway) - 04/10/2017 16:36:52    2053070


I think it madness Trying start a competition at this time year pitched unplayable players fed up most training since Jan -Feb could really do with few months off not much to be gained by playing them now they finding it hard to finish the Ines they started last march most players would be 22 if not 23 before they get it finished going on past record

Kickitout (Galway) - 04/10/2017 18:48:05    2053108


Matches getting underway this weekend. Fancy Corofin to win A and Headford to win B...

gaillimhboy (Galway) - 24/10/2017 14:54:51    2057555


Replying To gaillimhboy:  "Matches getting underway this weekend. Fancy Corofin to win A and Headford to win B..."
Mountbellew will walk A

Scantermediate (Galway) - 24/10/2017 17:40:29    2057618


Is there a backdoor in this competition?

handpassking (Galway) - 25/10/2017 11:27:42    2057797


Any results from matches this weekend. Galway GAA site is down.

pjbigballfan (Galway) - 29/10/2017 08:15:31    2058900


No back door Salthill to win A and leitirmor to win B

nohandpass (Galway) - 29/10/2017 08:50:17    2058904


it will be a Salthill v Claregalway or Corofin final with Salthill to win handy enough, hopefully they run it off fairly fast as the A grade is a foregone conclusion

galwayfootball1 (Galway) - 29/10/2017 21:01:32    2059022


three games this weekend in North
in A M/M play Claregalway in Final , i was at the M/M Corofin game last weekend and they looked very impressive , Eoin Finnerty Colin Ryan and young Moran the pick of the bunch.
With the 2 Dalys missing it will be a tight affair but expect M/M to win by a point or two.

In the B semi final Glenamaddy play Williamstown, speaking to a Glen man he says they are talented team but hit and miss , two tough games against Gabriels will have helped them though. Will be no love lost in this derby , dont know much about Williamstown but expect another close one.

semi final 2 has Kilconly vs Headford replay - Kilconly lads may be on a high after last weeks Senior win. Mannion and Marsden are supposed to be laying really well upfront for them , still too close to call, winner of this one will expect to go all the way.

juniorblegend (Kerry) - 07/12/2017 16:55:46    2064622