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Promising first game for minors. Lead for most of game

Blackbog (Carlow) - Posts: 465 - 23/04/2019 21:02:16    2179985


Just spoke to someone who was at the game - said Carlow were by far the better side. Missed 2-3 in 1st half. Much faster side than Laois.

That's good to hear .

Their next game is vs Longford in NCP. on Wednesday week - 8th May

I'll be there this time!!!!! Well done lads and management

novalis (Carlow) - Posts: 256 - 23/04/2019 22:05:36    2179999


I was at the game, we just couldn't put the end product to some excellent build up play,, this is a very pacey Carlow team with a good midfield, we probably should have been out of sight at half time , our decision making at crucial times let us down a bit but a very promising team there I think, it looks like a very well prepared Carlow team a credit to Bernard and his management team.

Barrowsider (Carlow) - Posts: 1280 - 24/04/2019 00:14:00    2180009


Saw 1st half last night. Unfortunately had to run to a family event....v impressed with our attacking format. Something i haven't seen in a while in a Carlow team.
Some great prospects. No 9, 6 and 14 and 15 particularly. We should have taken at least one of the goals. We had laois under constant pressure. Missed some kickable points also.
Hard to believe it was 5 points all at HT.
We have blistering pace in all areas of the field.

It seems we played more defensively in 2nd half which obviously gave Laois the chance to come at us.

But from what I saw in 1st half we have a solid team and very well coached by Horohan Meaney Bolger etc.

Well done.

fullbach (Carlow) - Posts: 244 - 24/04/2019 15:01:23    2180087


An excellent match against Laois the other night, probably a match that should have been won with Carlow creating at least 2 good goal scoring chances in the first half. The defence was superb in that half with huge pressure put on the Laois ball carriers.

Midfield held their own in the first half and the strong running Carlow attack including both half backs pus the full back really put Laois under pressure. However Laois stayed in the hunt and the second half again saw Carlow create good chances for points which were not always finished off with scores. The players lost a lot of ball in contact and the midfield faded a little also with Laois picking up more breaking ball.
The management team would have to be happy with the effort and application put in but and with the scoring chances created.

A good match between two evenly matched team and the roar that greeted the last late late point from a 40 metre free from the Loais supporters tells its own story. They were might glad to get out of this one with a point secured.
Both teams have a lot of room to improve and with Longford coming to town next, Carlow will need to take their chances for goals especially.

Carlow have good players all over the field and showed good composure when in possession and good discipline in the tackle all through. Excellent team work shows the amount of terrific work done with the squad from the back room team.

Nice to see such a fine crowd at the match - perhaps the fact that the stand was the only place where a 'charge' was placed had something to do with it!!!
Looking forward to the next match .

carlowman (Carlow) - Posts: 1510 - 25/04/2019 19:33:01    2180268


Looking forward to the game this evening. Impressed by the team against Laois, hopefully can get a vital win over Longford.

The Real 1944 (Carlow) - Posts: 1113 - 08/05/2019 17:34:37    2182557


Replying To The Real 1944:  "Looking forward to the game this evening. Impressed by the team against Laois, hopefully can get a vital win over Longford."
We couldn't score once again. Some lovely build up play but poor shooting was our Achilles heel. Longford had a free taker any senior side would envy.

hogg (Carlow) - Posts: 321 - 09/05/2019 00:57:24    2182621


Tough luck last night. Fine margins deciding these games. Still there for them though and hopefully they'll rally next week. Win in Mullingar and they should be through. It's there for them. If that Leix team can beat them so can we.

Onion Breath (Carlow) - Posts: 1216 - 09/05/2019 09:44:48    2182655