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Whats going on with our senior camogie team . Another humiliating defeat and this to the hurling stronghold of tyrone.

hurlingnut (Wicklow) - Posts: 233 - 24/03/2019 17:39:46    2174805


Am i right in saying this is our first outing at senior level for many years with a very young team and a handful of veteran players. Is there not a junior level that we could start off at to give the girls some experience first instead of facing humilitating defeats which will do nothing to attract other players to don the county colours as well as shattering morale?

Optimisticobserver (Wicklow) - Posts: 29 - 26/03/2019 01:00:22    2175463


Is that it for the year or do they play in some championship??

hurlingnut (Wicklow) - Posts: 233 - 29/04/2019 16:05:45    2180857


Just seen Wicklow Camogie are Leinster Champions. Didnt know they were playing I woulda gone along to support. Well done everyone.
Who do we play in the next round?

hurlingnut (Wicklow) - Posts: 233 - 03/06/2019 12:47:33    2190149