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Replying To Sligonian:  "The U17s who had a pretty successful Ulster league have lost to Galway in Tuam 0-15 to 1-10.

Galway down to 14 men for most the second half with the sides level at the time. Sligo missed easy chances early on by all accounts and dominated for long periods. Very disappointing but the manner of the defeat not surprising.

This results means we have to beat Roscommon and Leitrim to have any chance to get to the semis. Mayo hammered Roscommon 4-14 to 5 pts. Roscommon beat Galway last week.

Sligo play Mayo next week at home."
You're commenting on a game you weren't in the country for.

NewSligofan (Sligo) - Posts: 183 - 24/05/2019 22:04:18    2187208


Its hardly an opinion piece NewSligofan. Only the handful of Sligofans there allowed to comment?

Sligonian (Sligo) - Posts: 1464 - 25/05/2019 00:27:43    2187226