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Terrible performance this afternoon, Derry were beatable, management and players would want to have a look at themselves and their performance levels after that. You can blame weather condition on some level but the bad shooting, passes being intercepted, marking up in the backs was sub standard and this snail paced build-up play has to be addressed. Billy Lee came out during the week to say Limerick football is on upward curve, it is clear to see it is not and its serves no purpose coming out with that rubbish. We still have lads not making themselves available,the academy has produced nothing since it has being started-up and the county board has to start looking after football better. After this season their has to be a root and branch review of football in Limerick from the top to the bottom and improve on the state we are in, there is no reason why Limerick can't be like Clare and Tipperary competing and getting results in Division 2.

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One observation looking at county football league results this weekend , there appears to have been a number of high scoring one can only guess games that were entertaining. Where is the PRO of the county board to give a round up of these on Limerick radio Sunday evening mentioning a few players that played well or got important scores . This is the type of basic recognition that might lead to fellows been more inclined to give the football a go and indeed increase interest in the leagues generally which is the cornerstone of many county's grassroots .
The Desmond league will be on naming fellows who got goals in games where half the players on the field can't walk fast not to mind run .

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Best of luck to the minor footballers tonight, we could do with a win in this grade.

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