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Replying To jobber:  "Chops if this were the case you will be able to tell me of the numerous Leinster club championships won by
Teams from division 3 and four counties."
Eire Og has already been pointed out, and I'm sure anyone from Shamrocks doesn't need reminding after their losses to them. O'Hanranhan's, their Carlow Town rivals also won one in the 00's. Baltinglass won an All-Ireland. Rathnew won a Leinster in the 00's.
The division of your county team does not matter as much as you seem to think. There was an All-Ireland final in 2010 between two clubs from what were then division 4 counties.

This kicked off from me claiming that Moorefield had the harder side of the draw. That was not to claim that Loman's have had it easy, as they certainly have not, and have done superbly to make the final. More that if you asked most people before the competition began what clubs are in the running you would have heard Vincent's, Moorefield and Portlaoise. After all, they were the only ones (outside of Rathnew) with players who have experience of winning it before. Add in Rhode, who were in last year's final, and you have 4 teams all on one side of the draw.

It's irrelevant anyway, and was more of a throwaway remark. What matters is who wins on Sunday week. Loman's have every chance.

Andy_Capp (Westmeath) - Posts: 246 - 29/11/2017 13:35:26    2064014


Replying To jobber:  "The exception that proves the rules.Also Westmeath won division 3 that year"
Hardly the exception, O'Hanrahans of Carlow 2000, Rathnew of Wicklow 2001 Eire Og Carlow 1992, 1993, 1995, 1996, 1998 all when Wicklow and Carlow were in the old Div 2A and 2B whats now Div 3 and 4. These were all won when Kildare, Meath and Dublin were in the top flights of leagues and winning Leinster senior titles. As I said before Slaughneil are a prime example, Derry hurling is hardly up there with Kilkenny? Crossmaglen were winning Ulster titles when Armagh were in Div 2A and 2B with ourselves in the 90's. The only reason Dublin teams have dominated in the past decade is because not only are Dublin clubs made up of Dublin county players they are also made up of players from other counties who had to move to Dublin for work,

Chops (Westmeath) - Posts: 751 - 29/11/2017 13:46:58    2064016


Replying To Dr.Phil:  "Was at the game totally agree the Lomans owe a lot to the ref in the first half esp they got 3 if not 4 handy frees simonstown weren't getting when it was 1-4 to 0-0 to keep them in the game,
Simomstown gassed in the second half and once Lomans got in front there was only one winner
I have to say they held the game out very well but they owe a lot to the ref also from the early stages...."
I disagree. I was behind that goals for the first half. Dempsey was getting out in front of his man and being fouled when he did so.

wonit1time (Westmeath) - Posts: 436 - 30/11/2017 07:51:17    2064075


Best of luck to st lomans on sunday. Sharry was good on newstalk during the week.

Mattyreilly (Westmeath) - Posts: 74 - 07/12/2017 02:39:42    2064588


How did Lomans not close out the game?
lost all discipline.

The keeper was struggling all game, couldn't kick out the ball properly, then they played way too much football in their own half trying to hang on.

valley84 (Westmeath) - Posts: 1548 - 17/12/2017 17:03:16    2065441


Talk about a total Meltdown! In control and tried to play keep ball in the wrong part of the field.

Chops (Westmeath) - Posts: 751 - 17/12/2017 19:24:55    2065462


Terrible discipline and selection in last ten minutes after a superb second half display. It was really incredible how Lomans blew a Leinster title

jobber (Westmeath) - Posts: 551 - 17/12/2017 20:05:01    2065469