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IMO it is affecting football, that is inevitable but I see it as a positive although I have friends that don't. There probably is a link to the decline in football out west but for me it says more about the strength of Football within the county and hows its being run. I can see why players or good GAA men turn there backs on Sligo football and that needs to change.

My club is in the early stages of competing in Hurling and we could lose players or have internal conflicts as other clubs have had. But here's the thing no matter what team I was involved in players have to have freedom and choice to commit or not. If they want to play football or hurling or both so be it. Some players find it more fun and I'm all for that and even those that want both hopefully they can. And there's the crowd that don't want to play football and only have hurling left so its great that they have some access to the GAA. The more kids, teenagers etc.. playing GAA the more likely they'll be reap the benefits socially, mentally and healthwise etc.

The football side of things needs some inspiration right now and a wake up call is a good thing. There were great leaders in the u17 hurling team performance on Saturday and I was immensely proud of them and they will have gained so much confidence not just in sport but it will transfer in to their normal lives knowing they can achieve things and they will have great memories from this year to look back on.

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Extra €100k divided equally amount our clubs, great stuff

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Croke Park go games, where our u11 and u12 club teams played at the weekend was fantastic to see.

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Well done Sligo u16s winning the Manning cup, this was expected it has to be said.

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