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Attractas are right in the heart of the strongest GAA heartland in Sligo. They have the cream of Tubber, Tourlestrane,Curry, Coolaney/Mullinabreena and a bit of Charlestown and Fair dues to them.
All club's that represented Sligo in the last few weeks got beaten. Harps and Coolaney in Minor, Tourlestrane in Senior, John's in Intermediate although they had a facile win in first round. Up to Ballymote junior team on Sunday to bring home silverware

eoinog (Sligo) - 17/11/2017 12:11:06    2062851


Replying To Sligonian:  "Do you not think matching the best in Galway is a positive? I do, without knowing the exact standard and loading of the teams it's always a good sign. Actually Attractas for me is extraordinary what theyve done last few years with the demograph and competing with all boys schools

Summerhill 4-16 rice college 5-2 juvenile A Connacht league result today, serious result, must have some great 14/15 yr olds coming through

All these results can only be positive and testament to the hard work but quality of coaching going on and players themselves having the talent and practicing working on their game"
Agree - Attracta's have the cream of the crop in South Sligo, Some great work been done by the management in fairness.

RealSouthSligo (Sligo) - 17/11/2017 15:50:11    2062894


Replying To NewSligofan:  "I don't know if that's a positive. Attract as have took bad beatings of Roscommon in earlier games"
That Roscommon CBS team would be strong and would have a number of U17 county team that won Connacht and reached the AI final this summer. Good thread BTW more counties forums should be like this, focus on the positives and be less negative.

Gaa_lover (USA) - 17/11/2017 19:45:13    2062923


I know this tread is all about positivity but after reading E O Hara comments in the local press about officials in our game within the county has he a point about our game been Refereed a bit soft compared to when we go outside the county . Have to say I think we have some very good officials in the county .

noboots (Sligo) - 18/11/2017 11:09:20    2062950


Really impressive performance from Niall Murphy with Ireland, got loads of game time, great on ball, showed his class, we are lucky to have him, he's going to be serious player for us in 2018 and his achievement is an example to others in Sligo, well done

Sligonian (Sligo) - 18/11/2017 13:26:39    2062958


Realsouthsligo. Is it all teachers that do the work in Attractas or are the county coaching committee doing the work in there? Interested to know as Coola's numbers are getting massive, yet are only competing in 'c' and 'd' grades. Are they getting the same suppprts? It's amazing that a mixed school is competing so well against the big all boys schools in the province.

NewSligofan (Sligo) - 19/11/2017 11:06:59    2062992


noboots - anyone who was at both the county final and the Connaught club game would agree with his comments. Its like a different sport. Some of the frees in county final were a joke (especially to Eastern Harps in the first half in scoring positions). Have a look at the game - its still on youtube. The Castlebar game was a proper intense, robust game where frees were well earned.

Anto (Sligo) - 20/11/2017 10:08:20    2063066


NewSligofan - yes Sligo gaa development as in there as well and doing a great job. It would be nice to see Coola make the breakthrough as then would benefit surround clubs as well.
Personally I think they should go to all secondary schools as they are the experts.

RealSouthSligo (Sligo) - 20/11/2017 17:34:19    2063118


St Jarlaths 5-8 Summerhill 5-11 1st yr A league semi final, great scoring, great win, good luck in final, Summerhill making a very strong start to the year

Just a further point that's rarely made, sometimes coaching influence can be overstated, you might only get 1 to 3 hrs a week with a group of players so in alot of cases it's what the player himself puts in that makes the bigger difference especially at underage levels, practicising in their own time etc..thats why GAA families are so important to the future success of any county

Sligonian (Sligo) - 21/11/2017 18:14:14    2063205


Replying To republican:  "I'm sorry I cannot read this drivel without a little reply:

STOP talking about this population nonsense, it really drives me around the bend. You just have to look at what Iceland are achieving in soccer to know this is totally irrelevant.

Here are some facts
Mayo's population is double ours - first of all Sligo is larger in population than Roscommon for example, they have All ireland at every level including club honours. They have 23 connacht championships to go along with that.

We have almost half of our population dedicated to soccer/rugby. How do you know this??? We are not exactly renowned for our talents in both sports. Yes we have a good soccer club but we havent much sligo representation at senior level. In fact ironically Mayo/Galway are probably better represented! Have we ever had a Rugby international?

Sorry to bring negativity on this thread but I had to!"
Haven't been here In a while, the reason I estimate half our population is focused on other sports is because I'm struggling to name any recent county players from Enniscrone, easkey, collooney, Coolaney, grange, ballisodare, riverstown, rossespoint (Ewing) Ballinacarrow, templeboy, cliffoney(Quinn). Sligo town is a third of the population and certainly are not producing a third of the county players.

Having said this I see great progress being made in some of these places and it's only when we have strong representation from areas with large populations can we expect to compete.

Great to hear of all the great underage coaching progress. I heard the u21 final was a cracker and a real south sligo Darby. Plenty of future county talent in those clubs..

sligoman2 (None) - 28/11/2017 00:23:50    2063851


The scores in the U21 were quite extroadinary with Marys, Tourlestrane, Easkey/Enniscrone/Kilglass and Tubbercurry/Cloonacool all within a whisker of each other and played some great matches. A lot of elite level players for us and I'm sure involved in with College's. If history teaches us anything in Sligo is our players accelerate their progression even more so after aged 18/19 so a lot of talent to pick from.

Sligonian (Sligo) - 28/11/2017 10:16:06    2063869


Just listened to Kieran Quinn's interview podcast with Damien lawlor on RTE radio, great listen, great memories and great musician, great to see his success in that field and the upward trajectory. Hard to believe its 10 years since we won the Nestor cup, although I have no doubts we will win it within the next 5 years.

Sligonian (Sligo) - 28/11/2017 10:22:45    2063871


Great news on Sports Capital Programme funding announcement for a few Sligo gaa clubs listed below..well done all
Ballinalack [Buninadden] Community Park Ltd.Park Improvements €7,000
Tourlestrane GAA Club Facilities at Training Pitch/Upgrade Main Pitch €74,000...........
Tubbercurry GAA Club Upgrade of Tubbercurry GAA Grounds and Facilities €74,812.............
St Farnans GAA Club St Farnan's GAA Club Spectator Fence & Scoreboard €9,500.................
Sligo Castleconnor G.A.A Club Upgrading Our Facilities At Castleconnor GAA Club €29,000
Collooney Handball Club €19,000 renovation of old handball club...........
St Michaels GAA €6,500 grass maintenance and defibrillator........
Coola Post Primary €73,500 development of synthetic pitch with MSLETB

Sligonian (Sligo) - 30/11/2017 12:51:31    2064110


PPSenD Prelim Rd 3: Colaiste Mhuire Ballymote 3 - 12 1 - 8 Colaiste Muire Tuar Mhic Eadaigh

PPSenA Semi-Final 2 Ballinrobe Community School 1 - 10 1 - 15 St. Attractas Community School Tubbercurry

PPSenD Prelim Rd 1: Coláiste Iascaigh 3 - 8 1 - 10 Dunmore Community

Great wins, well done all, best of luck St Attractas in the A league Final,

Sligonian (Sligo) - 06/12/2017 21:14:34    2064578


It's the third A league final in a row for Attractas. Amazing stat

NewSligofan (Sligo) - 06/12/2017 22:31:48    2064582