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I was just wondering whats Dubs make of it? Kerry folk are certainly bitter and paranoid its all Dublins fault!! Favors Dublin and this craic. We have certainly got in there heads!!!!

jacktheDub (Dublin) - Posts: 807 - 05/03/2017 20:44:55    1964175


It's a brilliant innitive, the championship needs rejuvenating and does away with the straw all irelands that can be won if you get an easy run of fixtures or one shock result.

There will be some brilliant away days and be great for the country, imagine our away support down in Galway or Cork for the weekend.

I'm not surprised Kerry are strongly against it, I think they have benefited more then most for an easy run through the provinces over the years, thinks just got increasingly more difficult for them, I think they could be in real trouble.

TheUsername (Dublin) - Posts: 2688 - 06/03/2017 23:10:23    1964869


super eight should be happy
last time I checked there were more than eight counties in Ireland , on any given day you know at the very least 5 of the 8 , not enough in fact nothing being done to bring on smaller counties , to say nothing of promoting one code over another .
that being said decision is made and as O Se said give it a chance and see where it goes it is a first stab , not finished article by a long shot

Damothedub (Dublin) - Posts: 5182 - 07/03/2017 09:46:19    1964917



Fitzmaurice's proving the spirit of the GAA is dead , when you hear a senior manager referencing Real Madrid and Barcelona you know your fighting a losing battle, some truth to what he says however rather than address anomalies embrace them and move on. I do admire his honesty

Damothedub (Dublin) - Posts: 5182 - 07/03/2017 11:05:22    1964948