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Tipp 1-07
Kerry 1-06

Some performance.Well done lads We are so proud.Well overdue.Great credit must go to this team & management.

WildPundit (Tipperary) - Posts: 1638 - 31/03/2010 21:09:36    605877


TIPPERARY TIPPERARY ARE WE ARE WE ARE WE....super stuffcome on the premier

keadyaffair (Tipperary) - Posts: 36 - 31/03/2010 21:17:20    605888


Excellent result! With Galway, Mayo, Tyrone, Kerry and Cork out, how far can we go? But then agin, winning a munster football championship is some fate. Well done boys. You have done the county proud!

Johnny Evens is a GOD

Rock & Roll (None) - Posts: 74 - 31/03/2010 21:26:17    605905


fair play on beating kerry lads"!

rebelsrock (Cork) - Posts: 550 - 31/03/2010 21:48:36    605950


Well done lads

gaillimh73 (Galway) - Posts: 669 - 31/03/2010 21:53:41    605960


Great result tonight lads and what's more satisfying for me anyway is its not a surprise at all. We should have closed out the munster final last year against Cork. John Evans should be given another 2 -3 years minimum to develop these lads into a serious outfit.

We won't worry about who we are playing next. This team will do what they do best and that's knuckle down and work hard in training.

Killarney.87 (Tipperary) - Posts: 2513 - 31/03/2010 21:58:51    605972


congrats on a wonderful victory - you will get no begrudgery from Kerry on this one - enjoy

traleeexile (Kerry) - Posts: 732 - 01/04/2010 09:26:52    606017


Congrats lads.....great result and no doubt it will lead to bigger things for the senior team. Tipp and Evans reminds me of Limerick and Liam Kearns - and even though we have never managed the elusive senior munster - tipp could very well do it in the future. Best of luck in the remainder of the competition.

chipsOtoole (Limerick) - Posts: 38 - 01/04/2010 09:57:31    606036


Great win for Tipp last night, congrats to all involved! Check out the link below for some video footage of the game and post match interviews!


CadburyGAA (Dublin) - Posts: 80 - 01/04/2010 10:22:31    606055


thanks to all the posters congratulating us.it was a historic win for tipp.football is really on a high.we will have a right shot at the all ireland now.UP TIPP

bigman2 (Tipperary) - Posts: 1202 - 01/04/2010 10:53:27    606082


well done to tipp ,great result ,it shows what can be done and achieved when the effort is put in .

DELGADO (Dublin) - Posts: 72 - 01/04/2010 11:03:05    606092


Heartiest congratulations to Tipp. Great stuff. It was particularly fitting that an Aherlow man was the captain, because even in the bad old days when Tipp football had its back constantly to the wall, the Glen crowd always followed. They'd go to the moon to support Tipp football (and hurling). A most sporting crowd, great for the slagging and the banter. And I know, as I'm just over the border in Bal'landers. I'd say there'll be some nights in Moroneys after this (and always were anyway)!

shoulderghost (Limerick) - Posts: 863 - 01/04/2010 11:55:45    606199


Well done Tipp. Delighted for all involved. Wasn't looking too good for ye early on last night but ye stuck at it. I sincerely hope ye can push on to bigger things now, in this competition and at senior championship level in years to come. Some fantastic work gone in over the last few years and now ye're reaping the rewards. To stick at it after the defeats in recent years shows great character and determination. An example to all.

Tomás Tralee (Kerry) - Posts: 391 - 01/04/2010 12:21:15    606234


fair play ladz delighted that we finally got over the line... delighted for every1 and how hard they worked! sum rite ladz out in d glen alrite... i expect to c d bonfires blazing from Bally across the glen and galtees for the next few nites!!! hup tipp!!

Shanballylad (Tipperary) - Posts: 14 - 01/04/2010 12:42:26    606277


congratulations to tipp u21s on last nights historic win. its good for the soul seeing wins like that. well done to all involved and its a lesson of what can be achieved when things are done right.

galballyboy (Limerick) - Posts: 51 - 01/04/2010 12:44:56    606279


A truly great night for everyone involved in Tipperary football and hopefully there are more to come over the next few years. After all the final defeats, this was a sweet win.

Star Gazer (Tipperary) - Posts: 436 - 01/04/2010 15:05:47    606474


Well done to all involved, football is on the up in Tipp

Willie Nelson (None) - Posts: 972 - 01/04/2010 15:54:14    606550


if we only got the north and the mid going now wed be some force

eireog (Tipperary) - Posts: 127 - 01/04/2010 18:04:09    606749


County: Tipperary
Posts: 74

football isnt bad in the north...it has a few strong clubseven underage,portroe,ballina,nenagh,inane rovers and lorrha have competed a few underage finals the last few years

keadyaffair (Tipperary) - Posts: 36 - 01/04/2010 21:26:53    606992


Congratulations to Tipp, super win and long overdue.

Roashter (Clare) - Posts: 238 - 02/04/2010 09:16:32    607023