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Ye were the lucky one so because stewards had to come into the crowd as fights broke out in 2013 and I'm not shy or ashamed to say this, a group of yobs wearing Dublin jerseys decided that every time Dublin got a score they punched and jostled a Mayo supporter who was standing in front of them, he was there first for the minor fame before the sunshine clowns showed up, this went on for a while before other Mayo people and to be fair Dublin people intervened and told them to stop, the yobs told them to f off and the other supporters took matters into their own hands and thumped them while others went to the stewards to remove them, when you hear stories like that you fear for family members in that location, arguments may happen in the Hogan, Cusack and Davin stands but rarely punch ups, it's more family friendly stands, the Hill isn't safe and no amount of supporters saying there is nothing wrong with it will change that, how in the name of God is it safe having 10000 people standing up with a few rails for lying over when if something happens and people start moving in one direction can you avoid a crush? Did the Hillsborough disaster in Sheffield not give a warning to all grounds. I wouldn't take a Hill 16 ticket if I got it for free, I'd rather feel safer and pay full whack for a seat in any of the stands

riverboys (Mayo) - Posts: 1389 - 26/08/2015 10:07:43    1776341


I'm going to have to go down the tout route messed up not getting a ticket earlier ,would 70-80 euro sort you a ticket on Sunday around the area

johnbombkelly (Mayo) - Posts: 117 - 26/08/2015 10:21:28    1776344


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Lads do you actually want to go on the hill or are yiz doing it out of spite?! I haven't been on the Hill since the 2011 final and won't be back again.. You can not enjoy the game, the view is brutal and if it is a sunny day you are goosed! The craic is good in fairness..

All fans are welcome to the Hill, was a fair few Kerry lads around us in 2011 and was great craic and everyone shook hands after

Spite?? How so? They're cheaper tickets for one. Also it's the best place for large groups of friends to watch the game together.

Riverboys, fair enough if you've had bad experiences but you cannot be using Hillsborough as a reason to not have standing areas in stadiums. Hillsborough was due to negligent stewarding/policing, not the fact that it was a terrace. There are still safe standing areas in football stadiums around the world.

killer_88_ (Mayo) - Posts: 2040 - 26/08/2015 12:30:41    1776448


Killer, just coz I have seen a lot of posts on facebook about Mayo fans making sure to get Hill tickets etc. I am all for the mix of fans..

The hill is the hill, if you want to be able to stand with a bit of room stay away from behind the goals.. It is also behind the goals where you tend to find the biggest messers as well for whatever reason..

Personally, I like to have a better view of the game and have a season ticket for lower cusack.

I stood on the hill for years and never saw any real trouble.. few lads would be going for a p*ss alrite but nothing major.

Hope it is a good day out anyway!! Enjoy it lads whether you are on the Hill or in the stands! Real nervous about this one

AthCliath87 (Dublin) - Posts: 345 - 26/08/2015 14:37:57    1776583


Was on the Hill in 2011 with my Dublin cousins, when Dublin edged out Kerry in the final. One of the finest/most emotional spectacles I was ever at. Have to say I was giving it socks shouting for Dublin.

I was back on the Hill again, almost 12 months later for Mayo/Dublin semi-final. This time more loyal to the green and red. I was a bit apprehensive going, as I was going to be on my lonesome. Not so much that there was going to be trouble, but more that I didn't want to stand out as the only Mayo supporter within a 15 yard area, and being stared out of it. So I didn't bring any green/red - just went in my casuals. I got my position on the Hill, and sure enough was quickly surrounded by blue and navy. Game started, and I was quiet as a mouse. No shouts. As it went on a bit, I must have made the odd semi-grunt, or excited movement, unknowns to myself. I got a tap on the shoulder from a Dub supporter. Himself and his buddy were looking at me. Guy just said "Shout for your team. Be proud of them". So I threw a few yelps out, when Mayo scored. Heads turned a bit alright, but nothing sinister at all. Ended up having good banter with the people around me. Even though Mayo won on that day, the dubs were so gracious in defeat - but I guess that's easier when they already had an Ireland in the bag the year before that.

Anyway, in summary, my experience on the Hill for a Mayo/Dublin game was fantastic. I probably wouldn't want to be in the middle of it, if Mayo pull a stunt like they did in 2006 - Battle for the Hill.

Fullback (Mayo) - Posts: 59 - 26/08/2015 16:09:59    1776671


I tend to go for a stand ticket during the championship but go into the hill for the final. I like the atmosphere in the hill but only when it's full and have been in it for the last 4 finals. Needless to say anywhere in the stadium would do but it's cheaper as well. It has to be said though, even though I won't be in it on Sunday, trying to dilute the sound of Dublin fans in the hill would come into it too. Not to make trouble or out of spite but there is no doubt scoring a goal into the hill gives them a boost

wee_yo (Mayo) - Posts: 63 - 27/08/2015 19:36:41    1777272


Definitely a goal for the dubs into the Hill gives them a massive boost but the 1 thing I don't like is the way the GAA bend over backwards to help Dublin before the game, every match has a toss up to decide who warms up at what end in Croke Park but not for games involving Dublin, they are automatically given the Hill, if it was a toss up and Dublin loss the toss and the opposition chose the Canal End then there wouldn't be an issue but to be ordered to go to that end is wrong. At the end of the day though all that matters what the scores are on the scoreboard at the end of the game, enjoy the games

riverboys (Mayo) - Posts: 1389 - 28/08/2015 13:26:30    1777470


Decent number of mayo lads on the hill today. However did it go for anyone that went?

Jack_Goff (Meath) - Posts: 2920 - 30/08/2015 19:26:21    1778270


Was on the Nally, right at the Hill/Nally border. Surrounded by dubs. Great crack. One Dub wiseguy, but he was trying to be fully more than anything. I'm glad the players don't hear the abuse though. And I don't just mean Mayo players. Dean Rock was getting dogs abuse from the dubs around us. But twas a great occasion, whatever about the quality. And the little niggles add to the build-up for Saturday.

Fullback (Mayo) - Posts: 59 - 01/09/2015 13:27:56    1779864