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You're not welcome, Keep away!!!!!!

Ah just kidding, hopefully see alot of you on the hill in a few weeks time lads.

Great banter and atmosphere when the tourists decide to take their allocation like the 2013 final.

Hopefully the result is similar from my POV the next day and the Dubs progress to a final.

Either way, irrespective of the result, i expect to have a smashing day with some decent enough GAA people :)

Kind Regards,


waynoI (Dublin) - Posts: 13520 - 11/08/2015 19:17:51    1768328


If your planning on going to the hill will ye tell Andy Moran not to cup his ears in the unlikely situation that he scores a goal into the hill.

theduke66 (Dublin) - Posts: 320 - 11/08/2015 20:15:38    1768368


"Decent enough".............Jeez don't go overboard with the compliments Wayno !! Yeah, likewise looking forward to the game and meeting some Really decent Dubs......See ya then.

ponga (Mayo) - Posts: 487 - 11/08/2015 20:24:00    1768374


Just about got over 2006, don't spoil it now MOs

JackoDub (Dublin) - Posts: 458 - 12/08/2015 13:36:12    1768779


11/08/2015 20:15:38
County: Dublin
Posts: 74

1768368 If your planning on going to the hill will ye tell Andy Moran not to cup his ears in the unlikely situation that he scores a goal into the hill.


In fairness to Moran he has a habit of burying goals into the Hill against yourselves

BuffyBoffy (Mayo) - Posts: 244 - 12/08/2015 15:52:09    1768906


Ah wayno....thanks for the welcome wagon. I won't be bothering the clowns who were giving out about us standing on "their spot" on the hill this time around. I will be in the lower Hogan/Cusack (season ticket) better view there anyway but il be sure to wave at the hill.

yew_tree (Mayo) - Posts: 10019 - 12/08/2015 16:33:20    1768952


Get your ticket asap waynoI, we might take it completely this time...

TheMaster (Mayo) - Posts: 16187 - 12/08/2015 16:42:22    1768961


Out of curiosity, did the clubs get much of an allocation for the Hill this time around and are people intending to keep their Hill tickets like in 2013?

the_walls (Mayo) - Posts: 414 - 18/08/2015 08:11:03    1771739


I don't think there will be too many Mayo fans in the hill for the semi. A final is different as the Hill is the only place with the lower priced tickets and thus every county gets an allocation each.

yew_tree (Mayo) - Posts: 10019 - 18/08/2015 11:24:51    1771900


Be better off if all Hill 16 tickets were thrown into the fire, its a kip, simple, not a safe place for anybody

riverboys (Mayo) - Posts: 1389 - 19/08/2015 14:41:36    1772564


Looks like our clubs got a sizeable Hill allocation. Great news.

killer_88_ (Mayo) - Posts: 2040 - 25/08/2015 10:42:46    1775748


Have the clubs distributed their tickets yet

riverboys (Mayo) - Posts: 1389 - 25/08/2015 12:25:09    1775839


Our club here has also got a large number of hill tickets.

mayo.mick (Mayo) - Posts: 585 - 25/08/2015 13:15:51    1775875


was in the hill in 2013 with a sick relative, Dubs filling crisp bags with urine and throwing them at us, if I got 10 tickets for free would not go there again.let them have it

club51 (Mayo) - Posts: 184 - 25/08/2015 13:58:25    1775912


Are they Hill tickets or Nally stand?

MaigheoAbu (Mayo) - Posts: 343 - 25/08/2015 14:07:50    1775917


Our club are distributing tomorrow but we've been made aware of what tickets we'll be getting. Told we're getting Hill, not Nally. Although Nally comes across as far as the goalposts now anyway so they're not bad tickets either.
Sorry to hear that 51, we'd little or no issue on the Hill in 2013. A few gombeens who tried to push in our spot was about the worst of it. Diluting the Hill IS a big factor when playing the Dubs. I'd urge anyone with Hill tickets to use them.

killer_88_ (Mayo) - Posts: 2040 - 25/08/2015 14:27:49    1775944


Riverboys so its a bit like castlebar then?

DUBJOHN (Dublin) - Posts: 686 - 25/08/2015 14:53:55    1775965


We were on The Hill in 2013 as were many more from our club and nobody had a problem. We'll be there again on Sunday and I'd advise all to take up their allocation. It's the best spot for the atmosphere and craic !!

ponga (Mayo) - Posts: 487 - 25/08/2015 16:45:50    1776088


Lads do you actually want to go on the hill or are yiz doing it out of spite?! I haven't been on the Hill since the 2011 final and won't be back again.. You can not enjoy the game, the view is brutal and if it is a sunny day you are goosed! The craic is good in fairness..

All fans are welcome to the Hill, was a fair few Kerry lads around us in 2011 and was great craic and everyone shook hands after

AthCliath87 (Dublin) - Posts: 345 - 26/08/2015 09:49:35    1776335


I'm going to have to go down the tout route messed up not getting a ticket earlier ,would 70-80 euro sort you a ticket on Sunday around the area

johnbombkelly (Mayo) - Posts: 117 - 26/08/2015 10:05:48    1776340