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I seen 4 championship matches last weekend, it seemed to me that the fitter team won them all, the team nearer championship pace at this stage of they year, there is no doubt defeat is a massive blow to Aughawillen against Bors but I think that match was won by a team who have focused on this game since January. Many of the big teams in respective championships may have been caught cold, Dromahair spring to mind even though I wasn't at the game. i would definitely expect a lot more from the likes of Aughawillen, Annaduff and others come July when in my mind the championship really starts as I'm sure some managers looked at this round of the championship as one they could possibly afford to be slightly off the pace in, given it is not yet knockout football.

20pointhero (Leitrim) - Posts: 85 - 29/05/2013 10:35:59    1394159


Any word on the junior b/c championships yet does anyone know?

LeitrimMad1 (Leitrim) - Posts: 43 - 30/05/2013 11:01:42    1394971


I see posters commenting on the games not being of championship intensity. This was to be expected with the extended break between rounds 1 and 2 leaving clubs between a rock and a hard place training wise. Anyway if they're giving out about starting early on that basis then they're missing the point. There is a real magic at championship time and a minor issue such as match intensity needn't overwrite this fact.

Like I'd take last week's championship match and all that goes with it over a shield or league match any day. There was no better sight last week in the summer sunshine than to see footballs, loads of footballs! And it was a welcome change to be doing the championship warm up in the moldies on a dry pitch that holds up. Its a more natural start to championship football instead of possible monsoon conditions in July! Nothing compares to the buzz you get training at championship time. The team talks are more measured and relevant where we can see the worth in the speeches. The captain and manager recount the training that has been done throughout the year.The sacrifices were relayed to the group. Thoughts were turned to the months of hard training in the winter nights where we each trekked and soldiered in order to be ready for weeks like championship week. Even going to training and getting to play a FULL PRACTICE MATCH instead of sprints and conditioning are small joys….The little things matter and all add to the uniqueness that is championship football.

Even a simple routine such as getting the match day haircut from the barber who himself won championships in the 60's are experiences that hold as much significance as the actual match itself. I don't have to but usually make a point of passing into him on the days leading up to the match. It is good being able to connect with one of the old guard on a common level because of the jersey. It is special and breaks down the generation boundaries that usually dictate. Having the football talk with the local veteran who has himself played in countless battles before is the perfect tonic for focusing into the task at hand. You know it means a lot to him as he has been there and done that. He knows how you're feeling and how you'll be feeling just before taking the field. So the likes of him will appreciate matters such as recieving the lowdown on the team's form, on who is going well in training and hearing about the local young gun you have marked out to steal the headlines. Sequences like these in the lead up to games epitomise the real value of club championship with the match only part of the bigger picture.

The matches mightn't have looked ferocious but it was championship and all added virtues that come with it are enough to leave you wanting more. It will keep the buzz and focus going for the majority of footballers- the ordinary club footballer when they are sometimes left questioning the reasons for their passion and commitment. Last weekend was a reminder to us all our reasons for playing and wanting to win. The sooner it comes around again the better. I enjoyed it last weekend anyway.

fresherman (Leitrim) - Posts: 218 - 30/05/2013 18:23:17    1395468


Anyone any idea when we can expect to see senior championship again? I know junior has been ongoing but at this stage im far more interested in seeing my club ensure a quarter final place than more of the farce that the county team has become.

20pointhero (Leitrim) - Posts: 85 - 02/07/2013 13:20:13    1421504


As planned in the Master fixtures 27th/28th July its as if the county board knew we wouldn't be in a Connacht Final

MouseMat (Leitrim) - Posts: 89 - 03/07/2013 09:02:05    1422330


27th July

PaddyWagon123 (Leitrim) - Posts: 19 - 03/07/2013 09:20:10    1422347


just read your post fresherman and it rings all the right bells

i personally live for championship football and dont give a codwallops about league or shield
they are training to me

junior championships all going strong roll on the weekend of the 27th

one thing i enjoy the most about championship is when your in the second half 10 minutes to go and you kick a humdinger of a point fron play and now your 4up on your opponents infront of the parish

the cheer from the crowd in ballinamore i can still hear like a good song

it gives me a rush of blood thats even better than dare i say it relations with a very goodlucking lady

94allstar (Leitrim) - Posts: 1737 - 07/07/2013 20:40:48    1426083


Not long now to go lads..the signs are here..great weather,long evenings with the midges which I love. The reports are in of intuitive management teams up and down the county dusting off the "tactics" boards for friday week, so you definitely know it's time to get serious! We've also seen and offered the warmest possible welcome back to the returning county boys...and the championship good time charlies!

fresherman (Leitrim) - Posts: 218 - 19/07/2013 13:09:42    1435908


Senior is going to be manor
Intermediate possibly the closest to call 4 or 5 teams with a realistic chance
Junior wide open with all 2nd string teams left. Would i be right in saying St.Osnetts will have too repersent Leitrim in Junior connacht championship as they are the only first team in Junior grade??

lugdrum (Leitrim) - Posts: 234 - 19/07/2013 14:49:54    1435978


You'd be wrong the team that wins the Junior A Championship can contest Connacht Junior but would not be allowed field any eligible players the have that featured for their Club's senior team in the Championship. So, for argument's sake, if Centre Back X and Goalie Y were playing when a team won the Junior A Final but also came on as subs for their club Senior team in a Senior Championship Quarter Final.. they would be ineligible for Connacht Junior.

Dodgy_Pass (Leitrim) - Posts: 316 - 19/07/2013 15:20:58    1436011


Soh will be veryvery hard passed in intermediate

Infairness who is there to beat them

Drumahaire with out McGowan he is injured so even if he does start he might not be on long enough ti make an influence

Fenagh eslin aughavas aughnasheelin all lower end midtable

Cloone could be a dark horse and end up in a semi or even a final v Soh

94allstar (Leitrim) - Posts: 1737 - 19/07/2013 17:26:15    1436122


I think it will be a repeat of last years final but maybe marys or mohill instead of manor and maybe bornacula or gortletragh instead of melvin gaels

harleys (Leitrim) - Posts: 285 - 19/07/2013 20:10:13    1436197


County: Leitrim
Posts: 76

Unless the rule has changed since then i'm afraid it is you that is wrong. When Allen Gaels second team won the junior in 2008, Eslin (lost the final) went to represent Leitrim in Connaught!!

skippy11 (Leitrim) - Posts: 80 - 20/07/2013 11:17:31    1436325


skippy that was most likely due to Allen Gaels 2nd team having a lot of players ineligible due to the rule I outlined above, resulting in them being too depleted to be competitive.. maybe I'm wrong but that's the rule as I understand it.

Dodgy_Pass (Leitrim) - Posts: 316 - 20/07/2013 14:05:18    1436403


So what, will osnetts have to represent leitrim in connaught junior c'ship? They will be fairly up against it if they came up against a Galway or mayo side!!

LeitrimMad1 (Leitrim) - Posts: 43 - 20/07/2013 14:48:24    1436426


What about Fenagh as a Dark Horse of the Intermediate....should easily get through the group stages and a easy quarter and semi could see them through to a final where anything could happen!! Dwyer set to make a comeback for them soon too....

Zucker (Leitrim) - Posts: 70 - 20/07/2013 18:08:46    1436546


Very weak first round zuker

Don't get me wrong I was a big fan of the fenagh millennium team

It would be great to see them move up but they have alot to do to get near ballinamore

94allstar (Leitrim) - Posts: 1737 - 20/07/2013 18:54:50    1436575


Triple header in Carrick on Saturday evening with Donegal Vs Laois as the warm up match to St. Marys Vs Bornacolla followed by Melvin Gaels Vs Mohill. A feast of football I tell ya!

leitrim4sam (Leitrim) - Posts: 430 - 22/07/2013 15:28:24    1438926


Leitrim4Sam, I think you'll find those games have been moved to Drumshanbo on Saturday evening

Re the Junior championship, the Rule in the GAA Rules book (it's on the GAA website) is 6.24 and it says that the intermediate and junior grades shall be confined to clubs whose top grade is respectively intermediate or junior - hasn't changed since Allen Gaels won it so only a 1st team can play in Connacht

leitrimlhady (Leitrim) - Posts: 74 - 22/07/2013 16:28:22    1439048


So what ur saying is that im right!!

skippy11 (Leitrim) - Posts: 80 - 22/07/2013 16:38:54    1439065