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Is the Championship going to start as scheduled?

What teams make up group 1 & 2 ??

Hard to look past Manor & Mohill again for Seniors..

Fenagh & Annaduff for the intermediates I would say

harleys (Leitrim) - Posts: 285 - 16/07/2018 10:34:45    2122556


Replying To harleys:  "Is the Championship going to start as scheduled?

What teams make up group 1 & 2 ??

Hard to look past Manor & Mohill again for Seniors..

Fenagh & Annaduff for the intermediates I would say"
28th July

moesyzlack (USA) - Posts: 160 - 17/07/2018 08:00:12    2122986


So championship starts again this weekend. Who are contenders for senior and intermediate.
Mohil/manor the big 2
Annaduff/Fenagh the big 2 in intermediate

Champotime18 (Leitrim) - Posts: 162 - 23/07/2018 17:10:45    2125315


Mohill are missing a fair few for the league part of the campaign, but you'd think they'll be back for the business end of the championship. It's a strange structure, but it might play into their hands. It's relatively easy to call 3 of the 4 semi finalists - Mohill, Manor and the Willies will be there, and then one of Ballinamore or Carrick. Dromahaire's foray into the senior ranks has been an unmitigated disaster, and their time has come.

Intermediates - I'd like to see Fenagh get up, purely for the sake of the county players, and it will likely be between them, Leitrim Gaels and Drumkeerin.

There's not much at stake for the first 3 rounds of the championship at least, so hopefully everyone goes out and has a good time and makes some new friends.

MagnumPIG (Leitrim) - Posts: 124 - 24/07/2018 09:58:36    2125564


Senior championship; Manor, SOH, Mohill, Marys are the main teams. Willies without Mark and Pearce leave them vulnerable.
Intermediate will see the winners coming from Fenagh, Annaduff, Ballinaglera, Leitrim Gaels or Drumkeerin. Probably a more competitive competition than the senior champ.
These first 5 games is only a matter of being in top 4 to ensure a quarter final. All clubs will view it that wat

bananapublican (Leitrim) - Posts: 862 - 24/07/2018 12:54:41    2125651


Aughawillan -v- Mohill - Game of the weekend. People consider Manor and Ballinamorre in their favourites for the championship. But there is no doubt the willies and Mohill are the top dogs with the silverware in their back pockets.

This could be a game of poker however with the later rounds of the championship in mind. Aughawillan have had players travelling all summer but the word is that apart from one or two and a few injuries they should have everyone available. Mohill will be without Keith Beirne and Oisin Madden. The match ups will be interesting. Mohill should be favourites considering Aughawillan have been missing players all summer so they can't be fit yet and Mohill have the depth. Be interesting to see if the change in management and a few other issues in Mohills club will have any bearings. - Mohill by Two

Ballinamore -v- Gort - They may have drawn last weekend but I still think Ballinamore are a far more capable team then Gortletragh. The Midfield sector will be crucial here. If McGovern and Moran can burn McCrann and Quinn off they should see this out comfortably. Ballinamore are missing players to the US so that may be a leveller. - Ballinamore by 5

Melvin Gaels -v- St Marys - Melvin Gales are an interesting team this year. They have Mulligan, MCGloin and Rooney. Not many clubs have that kind of fire power. The debate is what positions to play them in as McGloin and Rooney are effective coming from deep and in the Full Forward line. If Melvin have the 3 Ryan's back it could make a huge difference to their defence which can be suspect on a big pitch. Carrick flatter to deceive as always. Thye have some brilliant footballers in the likes of the McWeeney's, Farells, Lowe and Delacy. But their Midfield and scoring power is poor. They really need a fit and interested Ray Mulvey to threaten the top teams. Daire Farell is a player to watch for next year's county panel in my opinion. - Going for a draw in this one.

Aughnasheelin -v- Glencar Manor - Aughnasheelin are a plucky team with some outstanding pllayers but their lack of numbers destroys them. They have some very good defenders in McWeeney, Earley and the youngest Cullen is going to be better than his older brother. Aaron Hoare even at his young age is one of the best fielders in the county but he might struggle for legs on Pairc Sean. Baarry McWeeney and Sammon from frees are their main score takers especially with Conor Cullen travelling so they need this to be a low scoring game. Manors new management and approach seem to be bringing a new lease of life to them. Glancy even at his age is still there best player. If they are to go deep into this champiuonship they need ~Conor Dolan to finally fufill the potential he showed a few years ago. - Manor by 5

Allen Gaels -v- Boors - Allen Gaels will surprise a few teams in this years championship. They have good players in the likes of Nicholas Moore, Alan Wynne, Tommy Mulvey, Martin Beirne and Diarmuid McKiernan. They also have a young forward Duffy who is one to watch. Beirne should mark Damien Moran in this and if he can keep tabs on him I fancy Allen Gaels to win comfortably. - Allen Gaels by 6

Dromhair -v- Drumreilly - this could be an important game relegation wise for each team so everything will be on the line. Can Drumreilly keep coming back? They have been questioned for years now but the likes of McKeown, MacGuire Hoolahan and Maxwell can't go on forever. Gaffney is now their main player and if he performs well they should beat Dromahair. - Drumreilly by 2

Leitrim1234 (Leitrim) - Posts: 241 - 25/07/2018 11:36:07    2126034


Ballinamore for senior

donegal1992 (Donegal) - Posts: 226 - 25/07/2018 11:38:43    2126037


Are Mohill on the look out for a new manager?????

sweeper3 (Leitrim) - Posts: 4 - 27/07/2018 16:15:44    2126793


allen gaels v Bornacoola - Allen gaels by 5+
wilies vs Mohill - Willies by 2
melvin gaels vs Marys - draw
SOH vs Gort - ballinamore by 6
neds vs manor - manor 10+
dromahair vs drumreilly - Drumreilly by 3

LENOVO (Australia) - Posts: 37 - 27/07/2018 17:48:05    2126827


What is going on with the County Champions

sweeper3 (Leitrim) - Posts: 4 - 27/07/2018 21:19:05    2126883


Replying To sweeper3:  "What is going on with the County Champions"
What do you mean what is going on with the county champions? They have started to hit form before the championship has started winning a number of league games on the trot have they not?
One to watch out for with new management, can't see them being an easy push over when they return to full strength.

Ballinamore will also be hard stopped with their American contingency returning.

FrankAndHonest (Leitrim) - Posts: 9 - 27/07/2018 22:22:24    2126891


The games have went pretty much to script so far. I think the hardest game to call was Carrick v kinlough. Other than that it was all the big teams winning. Intermediate the same although Fenagh the margin of victory against glera was a surprise like wise leitrim gaels margin against augavas. The championship really is between Fenagh, leitrim gaels and Annaduff they seem Away ahead of the rest

Champotime18 (Leitrim) - Posts: 162 - 28/07/2018 22:17:44    2127111


results all went as predicted this weekend with manor just way ahead of other teams at the minutes however they have had ghere full squad all year and and when these lads come back from America you'd expect the likes of mohill and ballinamore to get up to the level manor have been at all year. We won't see them tested till the semi final id say. Great to see Allen Gaels getting a good win although bornacoola are very poor. Willies put up a good fight considering all the players there missing. Neds got a nice welcome to senior football. Annaduff and fenagh look to be the strongest teams in inter.

Fr.spodo_gamodo (Leitrim) - Posts: 184 - 29/07/2018 20:09:09    2127345


Tis early in the week i know but here are my predictions for the champ games coming up;

Mohill v Dromahair - two teams that will be in different places this week, Dromahair will know that to be getting to QFs, they need to be beaten Drumreilly, no disrespect to Drumreilly. Dromahair will stick with mohill for first half but floodgates will open and I can see mohill winning by 10+

St Marys v Allen Gaels - Very positive opening weekend for both these teams, after beating Melvin Gaels and the Bors. i think this could be a great game of football, the Gaels are notoriously hot and cold but if they show up, i think they might just swing it, Gaels by a point.

Bors v Neds - two teams that took heavy beatings on their first day out, this is a must win game for them. its a winnable game for both and will be won by the team who get the better start i feel, going for the neds by 3 here.

Gortlettragh v Aughawillan - again, a huge game for both of these after first round defeats, this will be a battle and the willies will relish it. Willies by 6.

Drumreilly v B'more - drumreilly have a powerful win last weekend, another win and they are effectively safe, wont come here though, the ballinamore men will put them to the sword i fell by 8+

Manor v Melvin Gaels - you just never know what your going to get with Melvin Gaels, wasnt at their game against Marys but heard they were bullied, something they wont like, they will have a right cut here but fall short against a team in a really good place. Manor by 5.

journeyman11 (Leitrim) - Posts: 44 - 30/07/2018 14:44:40    2127555


Gortletteragh were terrible at the weekend, Ballinamore were not even at full strength and they walked through them. For a club who were known to be hard beat for years they showed no fight at all. Drumreilly after their win yesterday have a great chance of getting through now.

green.and.gold (Leitrim) - Posts: 367 - 30/07/2018 18:14:09    2127606


Went to the games in Carrick last night. Marys were impressive enough although Allen Gaels left themselves very open throughout. Robbie Lowe pulled his hamstring at the end but you'd imagine he'll be ok come the knock out stages. Manor / Melvin Gaels was unsurprisingly a dour enough affair. Manor still look to be relying on the older players a bit too much. Game was level in the second half when Melvin Gaels were reduced to 14 and Manor kicked on from there.

SeanMacDiarmada (Leitrim) - Posts: 284 - 05/08/2018 08:34:27    2129215


Great performance by Drumreilly didn't see that result coming, they have a great chance of getting out of group now. Was anyone at the Aughawillan and Gortletteragh game? Was it as one sided as scoreline suggests?

green.and.gold (Leitrim) - Posts: 367 - 05/08/2018 10:39:01    2129267


Ballinamore lacked bottle lastnight and if we had been more accurate we'd have beaten them... That been said would have taking a pt before the game. Aside note but some of the decisions from the men in black lastnight would puzzle you.

Villatown (Leitrim) - Posts: 892 - 05/08/2018 12:50:11    2129324


Replying To Villatown:  "Ballinamore lacked bottle lastnight and if we had been more accurate we'd have beaten them... That been said would have taking a pt before the game. Aside note but some of the decisions from the men in black lastnight would puzzle you."
Ok so I agree Drumreilly were unlucky not to win game and undoubtedly wanted the win way more than the ballinamore men. Drumreilly have some real men and in Maxwell, Mckeon and Jimmy they have 3 real leaders. The main question is how can a ballinamore side allow these 3 men to almost entirely dominate in their positions for most of the game. Serious lack of leadership on the field

Even in the Aughnasheelin game there was some fantastic leadership shown. However Bornacoola are almost certainties to be relegated this year

So what I mean is without this on field leadership O Heslins will not be competing for any honours this year which is a shame as they have the making of a good team if focused properly

leitrimnproud (Leitrim) - Posts: 14 - 07/08/2018 18:28:33    2130554


The Bor's have no plan B on the high ball in doesn't work the panic... Damien Moran looked like a fella who was tired Saturday evening. The look to be in trouble but never write them off

Villatown (Leitrim) - Posts: 892 - 07/08/2018 21:05:26    2130608