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2010antrimabu - I would also like to defend myself here in that I was not trying to 'attack clubs trying to play there (sic) part in providing Gaelic games in Antrim' but rather the inconsistencies that I feel exist with the administering of Gaelic games in Antrim.

Naysayer (Antrim) - Posts: 2071 - 02/03/2015 10:50:30    1698205


Exactly, the problem does not lie with the clubs, it is more down to the county board seemingly giving clubs a bye ball while not affording the same luxury to others, i don't really see how anyone can dispute that.

the_watcher (Antrim) - Posts: 128 - 02/03/2015 11:34:22    1698231


Are all clubs happy with the current div 3 set up then? was there a vote by the clubs on this- if so how did the vote go?

johnanthony (Antrim) - Posts: 169 - 02/03/2015 12:54:55    1698276


was there a vote by the clubs on this- if so how did the vote go?

No idea to be honest - though would imagine if there was a vote then it went how the County wanted it to go....

Offside_Rule (Antrim) - Posts: 3968 - 02/03/2015 14:16:33    1698328


Div 3 and 4 clubs discussed the situationafter county mtg finished "in house" the clubs involved agreed to the proposals and agreed an amendment to havr
e top 7 and bottom 7 . Change is not necessarily a bad thing. Clubs asked for a change and it was agreed to by the clubs. If you dont try something youll never find out........

conair0 (Antrim) - Posts: 45 - 02/03/2015 19:32:44    1698490


johnanthony I can not answer that question and I do not have deadly interest in Division 3 though I am curious as to how the thing is to run. I had a quick scan at the format and clearly teams are going to have an imbalance of home and away games. While this is to be expected I wonder how it will pan out after the split.

For example you could have Aghagallon pushing for promotion but have played 5 of the other top 6 already at home. If it is to be 3 home and 3 away games after the split this means they would have 8 home games against the other top 6 over the course of the season.

In addition how will it be decided which of the teams they get to play at home twice? Say O'Ds are competing with them for promotion but have to travel twice to Aghagallon to play them - would this be the fairest approach?

Of course I do not know if this has been accounted for or not but I would like think it is as otherwise we could be debating balance of fixtures come the summer.

Naysayer (Antrim) - Posts: 2071 - 02/03/2015 19:45:54    1698493


Conairo - I heard the proposal for an increased league i.e. Div3 and Div 4 together was discussed/agreed. Was the fact that there was going to be a split hammered out too? I was told these details weren't discussed though this was third or fourth hand information so may not be accurate.

Offside_Rule (Antrim) - Posts: 3968 - 03/03/2015 10:13:45    1698587


Naysayer i would say it will be the same as in irish league and Scottish premier league where there is a split by the end of the season you will have played the other teams in your section both home and away, it is the only fair way, yeah it means some teams in theory could play a few more away games than home but the main point will be the teams at their level either top half or bottom half will play each other home and away.

the_watcher (Antrim) - Posts: 128 - 03/03/2015 13:51:41    1698716


The Div3 Div 4 split works on the same basis as the div1 hurling league last year worked.

Points in the first section carry over.

Then in the second half of the league if you have played the opponent at home in the first rd you then play away from home in the second rd and vice versa. Its pretty simple you play home and away against the teams in your half of the league.

wondering (Antrim) - Posts: 96 - 03/03/2015 14:42:53    1698748


Thanks for the information lads - so in theory a team could end up playing 13 out of their 19 games at home but crucially they will play the teams in their post split section both home and away - sounds reasonable to me.

I know the SPFL work on the basis of making sure every team plays as many games at home and away over the course of the season if possible, however this is to ensure that teams have access to the same number of gate receipt games as gate receipts are often the life blood of these teams - something that should be less of an issue in Division 3 Antrim football.

Naysayer (Antrim) - Posts: 2071 - 03/03/2015 15:12:59    1698763


Offside a club delegate suggested top/bottom spilt in order to macimise no. Of games teams will play 13 league rds either 6 home/ 7 away or 7h / 6a then 3 / 3 in top/bottom. I believe leagues should be div 1 12 div 2 12 and div 3 10

conair0 (Antrim) - Posts: 45 - 03/03/2015 20:51:56    1698960



". I am guessing you are one of the lads that during a game would have reached over a scuffle with a dirty Joe dig and then ran off."

This type of reply shows that Antrim is in the gutter with silly comments like that. How many of your comments are negative, slating another club or person?

it's easy to hide in a public forum. Be good and keep positive and you will go far.

Good man.

2010antrimabu (Antrim) - Posts: 10 - 03/03/2015 21:04:51    1698966


2010antrimabu you were the guy that attacked me and also took my comment as an attack on your club rather than reading it for what it was re administration within the county. Maybe sort out your own house before turning your attention to other peoples.

Naysayer (Antrim) - Posts: 2071 - 04/03/2015 09:07:34    1699011


conair0 so if it is 3 home and 3 away after the split then it does create a potential issue where a team could end up playing a promotion rival twice at home in a season. Given the teams that would be favourites at the beginning of the season are Aghagallon, OD's, Davitts and Glenravel you are looking at a bit of distance involved in some of these fixtures as well.

I think I would prefer the idea where if you have played a team away earlier in the season you have to play them at home after the split and vice versa. Otherwise you could have OD's for example playing Aghagallon and Glenravel at home before the split - getting to the split having played 5 of the other 6 teams in their half at home already meaning 2 of these teams will have to travel to ODs a second time in the season. How would this get worked out. Would you avoid making promotion rivals (if it can be determined at this stage) travelling to OD's a second time. Would you avoid making the like of Aghagallon and Glenravel (both potentially also promotion rivals) play OD's away twice given the travelling involved. Or do you just draw lots?

conair0 you appear to have a pretty good understanding of how the thing was left - do you know the answer to the above scenarios or is it another 'cross the bridge when we come to it'? I would like to think these possibilities have been considered and addressed.

Naysayer (Antrim) - Posts: 2071 - 04/03/2015 09:44:41    1699026


Conair0 - saw your response last night after the board closed so didn't get a chance to respond but it was actually along the lines of the points addressed by Naysayer this morning. If it is as you say a 3 home, 3 away for all teams after the break then this could lead to potential problems. Surely the logical thing is that the teams in the top 7 (and the bottom 7 for that matter) play the fixtures as the reverse of the fixtures played in the first 13 games leaving no reason for complaint.

Offside_Rule (Antrim) - Posts: 3968 - 04/03/2015 10:04:29    1699033


I can see the leagues being restructed next year again, along the lines of 12/12/10 or 10/12/12.

This could have an effect on promotion out of div 3 this year, with potentially the top 4 teams benefiting.

johnanthony (Antrim) - Posts: 169 - 04/03/2015 12:58:06    1699115


10 12 12 split would be my own preference aswell Johnanthony, although the problem with this is availability of county players to clubs especially those in promotion/relegation battle where access to their county players could be vital. With an added 4 games a season the likelihood is they are going to be unavailable for certain matches. This problem would regard division 1 and divison 2 mainly.

spy_in_the_sky (Antrim) - Posts: 273 - 04/03/2015 15:33:55    1699178


With the 3 divisions in place the county could align the championship entries to the leagues.

Team that wins their division & championship winners then get promotion to the next division. If this is the same team then 2nd place in league to get promoted.

works well in other counties- could do no harm trying this in antrim.

johnanthony (Antrim) - Posts: 169 - 07/03/2015 13:02:26    1700056


Bit unfair that there would be 14 teams in junior championship Johnanthony. Aghagallon were intermediate champions 3 years ago and havent regressed that much!

spy_in_the_sky (Antrim) - Posts: 273 - 07/03/2015 13:17:50    1700066


That is what i think would be the best way to do it. in regards there being too many in Junior, when the league splits the top 7 automatically go into the quarter finals of the jfc with the bottom half then playing a junior B with the winner getting the last quarter final place. in regards to saying Aghagallon havent regressed that much, surely that is debatable, when they won IFC did they not gain promotion the same year? they then got relegated to div 2 then to div 3, it happens an awful lot with players retiring etc. I dont think you can count past glories tbh.

the_watcher (Antrim) - Posts: 128 - 07/03/2015 20:43:50    1700146