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the_watcher - I for one wouldn't blame St Mals or any club for the situation. The only ones who are culpable are those who take these decisions at County level.

Offside_Rule (Antrim) - Posts: 3968 - 16/01/2015 13:51:34    1683860


Talking about bye laws, is there a rule about not fielding and facing expulsion from the league? as far as i remember going to a few division 3 games last year there was one team in particular who did not field on a number of occasions in the months of june/july, and only st malachys and o'donnells were forced to play them in october, none of the other teams who they still had games in hand against were made to play them.

fullforward72 (Antrim) - Posts: 4 - 16/01/2015 18:52:15    1683955


fullforward - I presume you are referring to the All County League Regulations, Section 3 - Fixtures, sub sections:

3.03 A team failing to fulfil a fixture as arranged or subsequently amended by the C.C.C. shall be deemed to have failed to field and shall incur the following penalties:

a. The game together with the points shall be awarded to the opposing team. The exception shall be when both teams are deemed to have failed to field.
b. The team will incur a £300 fine.
c. The team shall lose one league point and if both teams are deemed to have failed to field then both will lose one league point.
d. The team shall be liable for reasonable vouched expenses incurred by their opponents.
e. The team shall be liable for any costs involving the Public Parks.

3.04 A team failing to field on three separate occasions in any one division or section of the leagues shall, in addition to the penalties under 3.03 above, shall be dismissed from the relevant division or section of the league. The points from the remaining games shall be awarded to the relevant teams.

As I say, the powers that be in this County are a law on to themselves, answerable to no one and don't give a jot that they bend so many of their own rules yet enforce other completely irrational ones.

Offside_Rule (Antrim) - Posts: 3968 - 16/01/2015 19:43:54    1683963


how many teams last year got hit with penalties for not fielding? It happened on a few occassions in Div 2/ Div 3 last year, but not sure how many teams actually got deducted points by the CCC?

johnanthony (Antrim) - Posts: 169 - 17/01/2015 09:36:00    1684005


speaking from what I had seen personally, there was no points deducted or given to teams who had to deal with a non fielding issue, no point having the rules if they are not enforced, but equally the county seem to enforce rules when it suits them, a clear lack of consistency from the county board leaves alot of the clubs in this county in difficult circumstances and its not right, it seems to be who you know and not what you know that gets you ahead of everyone else in antrim!!

fullforward72 (Antrim) - Posts: 4 - 17/01/2015 17:51:25    1684088


FF the situation you are talking about was laughable, seemed the county didn't want to upset the club in question as the rumour was they were on their knees and close to folding which would have been a real shame, seems the county didn't want to be seen to be 'sticking the boot in' This is fair enough but where did that leave Mals, a club who paid all their dues, fulfilled all their fixtures etc, why should they be punished for another clubs problem? This is probably why Mals are being allowed to stay up.

the_watcher (Antrim) - Posts: 128 - 18/01/2015 17:22:06    1684241


the_watcher then where does that leave other clubs who paid there fines for not fulfilling fixtures or in Aghagallons case got points deducted?

Naysayer (Antrim) - Posts: 2071 - 19/01/2015 09:46:18    1684414


Naysayer thats what i would like to know, an exception seems to have been made for one club, doesn't sit right with me. I think that is why Mals kept their div 3 status, in my eyes Ardoyne got an unfair advantage, for example they played Sarsfields at the end of the season when they already had promotion in the bag, this game was due to be played a hell of a lot sooner, would they have beaten a Sars team chasing the league? just one example. To be honest i think Aghagallon were shafted from what i heard, playing their u21 side in games thinking Div 2 status was secure. but don't really know enough about it to go in to it in detail.

the_watcher (Antrim) - Posts: 128 - 19/01/2015 12:13:05    1684465


Still talk of a possible restructure of Div 3/4.

Speaking to a ballycastle man today, he cant see them fielding in many of the away games due to the distances involved.

With regards to the points deductions- the county need to confirm which clubs received points deductions/penalties for not fielding last year, there is too much ambiguity around last season.

johnanthony (Antrim) - Posts: 169 - 19/01/2015 12:40:00    1684477


Fao The Watcher....when Sarsfields played the game vs Ardoyne towards the end of the Season, they hadnt got promotion yet. If memory serves me right they had to win that game and take 1 point from the 3 remaining games.

StillWater2 (Antrim) - Posts: 32 - 19/01/2015 13:40:30    1684504


Apologies i meant O'Donnells Stillwater, Point still stands, they were at an advantage over other teams.

the_watcher (Antrim) - Posts: 128 - 19/01/2015 13:58:33    1684514


Point has already been made here by thewatcher and indeed others that leagues need to be completed on time and together, ideally before championship, so as everyone is on a level playing field. Too many teams have benefited from gathering up points when everyone else is in hibernation. This would save an awful lot of hassle you would think.

Naysayer (Antrim) - Posts: 2071 - 19/01/2015 14:33:16    1684531


FAO Naysayer and The Watcher, did the clubs you are members off put these proposals to the most recent County Convention?

StillWater2 (Antrim) - Posts: 32 - 19/01/2015 15:01:56    1684547


This is why the county start the league in Mid-March no reason why it cannot be done. Will the potential league structure be discussed tonight? Creates a headache for the county for example if there are 3 divisions with no relegation from last year. Davitts competing in junior championship as a division 2 team sets a dangerous precedent. I think the county will stick with the status quo and any league change will be made in consideration for next year.

spy_in_the_sky (Antrim) - Posts: 273 - 19/01/2015 15:03:21    1684548


StillWater2 I am a little out of the loop in recently years so I do not know if they did recetly but they certainly they did put in similar proposals within the last 5 yrs or so.

Naysayer (Antrim) - Posts: 2071 - 19/01/2015 15:13:46    1684556


spy_in_the_sky I like the idea of three divisions with three championships aligned to the leagues.

Naysayer (Antrim) - Posts: 2071 - 19/01/2015 15:14:58    1684557


Not sure StillWater, but as far as I'm aware proposals were put forward by some club in the last few years to align championship grades with league standings, not 100% sure who put forward the proposals or what year.

the_watcher (Antrim) - Posts: 128 - 19/01/2015 15:41:22    1684567


Are they going to expand the leagues to 12 teams per division?

Rules_man (Armagh) - Posts: 152 - 19/01/2015 20:16:55    1684637


So with the championship draws made, what does everyone think???? Galls v Cargin!

countyman00 (Antrim) - Posts: 60 - 20/01/2015 11:53:26    1684726


So what's everyone's take on the draws aside from the senior farce?

spy_in_the_sky (Antrim) - Posts: 273 - 20/01/2015 16:09:52    1684853