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Antrim v Westmeath

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Well lads we're playing ye in both codes in the next few weeks. Who do ye think will pull through? I'm going to go for Antrim in the small ball and Westmeath in the big ball! Thoughts?

square_ball_69 (Westmeath) - Posts: 826 - 16/06/2011 12:43:13    957869


Should be 2 good tight games, looking forward to the both of them. Think we might just nick the hurling but the football is too close to predict

jesusjones (Antrim) - Posts: 385 - 16/06/2011 14:28:05    958005


Surprised noone has been on to congratulate the hurlers on a fine performance on saturday! onwards and upwards agaisnt Carlow and of course the footballers against westmeath!

Aontroim Abu!

stranmillis29 (Antrim) - Posts: 786 - 20/06/2011 12:18:46    960789


I was at the match in Casement Park on Saturday and thought we played reasonably well. Some players are just not up to the required intercounty standard. We were weak in goals, Chrissie O'Connell gifted the opposition 1-3, Michael Herron is nowhere near good enough for a county team at centre half, Ciaran Herron I think is finished at this level of hurling and James Black is too light and ineffective.

Neil McManus, Chris McGuinness, Neal McAuley, Paul Shiels and Conor McCann hurled well though.

Hopefully Dinny gets the selection and positioning right for Carlow this Saturday!!

goalgetter (Antrim) - Posts: 87 - 20/06/2011 12:53:47    960837


was at the game on saturday, and was very happy with what i saw in the first half although the second half was a different story. james black should have been taken off at half time along with ciaran herron. also micko herron is not an intercounty half back neil mc auley should have been switched after 20 minutes into centre half. dinny cahil needs to be more ruthless in making these decisions as he nearly let westmeath back into the game. seems to me dinny is naming his team to suit certain players.

havingalaugh (Antrim) - Posts: 5 - 20/06/2011 13:23:28    960890


Will it be pay at the door for the double header up there on Saturday?

fergie (Carlow) - Posts: 1090 - 20/06/2011 14:04:40    960942


yes it will be pay at the gate, likely £13 into the stand.

brendanbelfast (Antrim) - Posts: 61 - 20/06/2011 14:19:51    960966


What are the parking facilities like up there?Is there much places close by to park her up for the game's/It will be first visit up to Casement Park so not to familiar with the area.Thanks for the info.

fergie (Carlow) - Posts: 1090 - 20/06/2011 15:24:41    961070


Hopefully the all-weather pitch at Andytown leisure centre will be open. If not there is usually room in the streets surrounding the ground? Sometimes they also advise people to park on the Boucher Road?

ar_an_chnoc (Antrim) - Posts: 142 - 20/06/2011 16:24:05    961174


Fergie - depends on how early you're up. You can actually park pretty much outside the ground in the side streets or in the spaces outside shops on the Anderstown Road. I'd imagine you'll be coming off the M1 on to Kennedy Way then turning left on to Anderstown Road at the Roundabout at which point you're within a few hundred metres from Casement so you could park anywhere from there that you see fit as you won't have too far to walk to the turnstiles.

Offside_Rule (Antrim) - Posts: 3968 - 21/06/2011 10:11:11    961597


Fairly easy to get there ya can't miss it with the lights. Hoping for a good game and a Carlow victory.

hurlingguru (Carlow) - Posts: 1820 - 21/06/2011 11:39:37    961720


The way I might line them up...







Sean Burke is injured otherwise he would start for me.

Topa_the_left (Antrim) - Posts: 250 - 23/06/2011 12:10:54    963651


Topa_the_left, B Herron?? when has this guy EVER had a good game for the county? for the size of him he gets pushed all over the place. T O'Neill more than enough chances and always lets us down, not his fault though, he's only an average club standard player! K Brady, granted gets his hands on a fair bit of ball but has no confidence whatsoever, way too scared of making a mistake, will NEVER even consider taking his man on to beat him and shows no conviction in front of goal at all, hardly the type of forward we need!

oso (Antrim) - Posts: 148 - 23/06/2011 12:30:22    963676


Christ that's harsh on Brady! He wins his own ball which I think we need at full-forward. Loughrey being back is a massive boost for us going into this game, really glad to see him back. In relation to Brendan Herron, he isn't a forward and has his best games in a traditional midfield role. Neeson is a bolt from the blue on that team, will he occupy the traditional forward position or drift somwhere else??

ar_an_chnoc (Antrim) - Posts: 142 - 23/06/2011 13:17:59    963750


well thats a wonderful insight but maybe you would like to tell us all the winning formula? i put Brady at full forward because he can win ball and take a score without having to beat his man. I am not a huge fans off O'Neill's either but i dont see many alternatives. Sweeney and Murray are ineffective at least O'Neill can carry the ball a bit and take the odd score! Its a bares bones team without the McGourty's, Douggan, Burke etc so i dont quite know what you were expecting

Topa_the_left (Antrim) - Posts: 250 - 23/06/2011 13:19:38    963755


ar_an_chnoc Neeson is a tricky speedy forward who scores from play and frees. He was brought on against Donegal in the league and scored a goal and a point, it suprised me that he didnt feature in the championship match. At club level he is a scoring machine so i think he should be let of the leash because nothing else has worked. Pat Spillane said Antrim were the worst scoring team in the country and although i disagree with him we still need to prove it.

Topa_the_left (Antrim) - Posts: 250 - 23/06/2011 13:28:03    963779


Way over the top from Topa_the_left, especially on K Brady - legs mights be fading but is still a good footballer with plenty of heart and loads to offer. What about Gerard O'Boyle up front? With Loughrey back we have one of the best half back lines in the country - Aontroim abú

Naoise (Antrim) - Posts: 13 - 23/06/2011 14:05:48    963843


Naoise you might be after the wrong mouth piece i was in favor of Brady. 'oso' not so.

Topa_the_left (Antrim) - Posts: 250 - 23/06/2011 14:14:26    963866


whoops! - sorry about that Topa_the_left

Naoise (Antrim) - Posts: 13 - 23/06/2011 14:57:30    963957


topa_the_left I'm entiltled to my opinion so refrain from the slabbering! If you read my post again you will see that I did give credit to Brady for winning his own ball but it is many years since he was able to take a score at this level! He wins the ball and lays it back every time! remember he's a forward and that is consistently one of our biggest flaws, what makes you think he's going to turn it all around on Saturday? If he plays watch him closely and tell me afterwards I'm wrong, doubt it! Neeson has potential, was talking to one of the Derry players after the recent challenge game and he was impressed with him so I'd say give the lad a chance. Gerard O'boyle is a much better option than Brady, thats someone who can win his ball and take a score!

oso (Antrim) - Posts: 148 - 23/06/2011 21:55:37    964456