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Antrim chief craves Leinster SHC home match

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My god, Jim Murray has some cheek looking for a home game in the Leinster championship considering Antrim and the Ulster council do not offer Down, Armagh and Derry hurlers the same respect will all Ulster finals and semi-finals played in Casement.

bricktop (Down) - Posts: 2430 - 12/05/2011 15:53:10    929261


As an antrim man myself I think it is very cheeky of Mr Murray to even suggest this considering that the same isnt done inside Ulster. Why should the GAA allow Antrim a home fixture anyway? We are playing in a Leinster competition and we are very lucky that they have granted our wish.

TimeForTruth (Antrim) - Posts: 27 - 12/05/2011 17:42:06    929418


If Antrim did get a home match in Leinster they would hardly get a crowd, especially if on the day they fixed a full list of county league football matchs on the same day, as they have done this week, when Antrim are playing in the Ulster football c'ship, they have fixed a full list of hurling fixtures....where else would you get it and they have the cheek to ask for a big travelling support!!

ancamanmor (Down) - Posts: 30 - 13/05/2011 08:59:28    929673


they seem to be chancing their arm with the fixtures this year in the hope that they get most of them out of the way early doors. Personally didnt really mind the easter sunday fixtures but this weekends are a joke

skillstar93 (Antrim) - Posts: 41 - 13/05/2011 11:20:16    929771


Bricktop it is nothing to do with Antrim when Ulster championship matches are fixed for Casement, I don't know why Down complain about hurling in Casement, You can get from the Ards to Casement in half an hour, its more than an hour from Ballycastle and Cushendall to Casement and a good 45 mins from Dunloy and Loughgiel. Why would Antrim not ask for a home draw? Why should Antrim and Galway be the only 2 hurling teams in Ireland who never get a home match in the championship? Just look at Kilkenny a few years ago, they gave up home advantage in a Walsh Cup game so that the game could be played in Antrim. If the GAA are serious about hurling then they need to let Antrim minors and U-21's into Leinster and give us home games.

jesusjones (Antrim) - Posts: 385 - 13/05/2011 15:27:11    930104


If Ulster GAA are serious about hurling then they need to give Armagh/Derry/Down minors and U-21's home games.

Do you see what I did there Jesus?

I find it ironic that Antrim people can rightly see the injustices done unto them by the hurling powers further south but are blinded to the very same injustices metered out to other hurling teams in Ulster. I don't hold Antrim responsible for this but one minute you're congratulation Kilkenny for a magnanimous gesture to the hurling people of Antrim, but it'd be nice that the same gesture could be afforded to your neighbours in the North.

How about a home and away arrangement like a lot of the Munster counties have in place? One year in Ballycran/Ballinascreen and the next year in Casement??

Same for club championships as well.

bricktop (Down) - Posts: 2430 - 16/05/2011 15:03:00    932067


So heres where we are now; Antrim strongest hurling county in Ulster by far, am i correct?

They not only get to play ALL their championship matches at home for all their teams, but just to make it even more fair, they get a bye to all the finals (minors etc...) at Casement.

And to make this even funnier they want home matches in the Leinster Championship as well: lads cop on ye are a joke and to suggest Down people have less distance to travel to casement than north antrim really does beggar belief.
Ah the Ulster GAA just forget about hurling with Antrim. Let Down Derry Armagh, Tyrone etc... play it amongst themselves and have the final in Ballycastle just in case anyone in N Antrim would like to come along ;-)

badboyharrybap (Longford) - Posts: 11 - 17/05/2011 16:05:11    932987


What a load of codswallop.

bushwhacker (Antrim) - Posts: 261 - 17/05/2011 17:34:22    933081


Listen I'd have no problem playing any of the Ulster Counties in any Ulster venue but Casement is a much better venue than Ballycran or Ballinascreen, better view, better facilities and lots of pubs and places to eat right outside the gate, plus the transport links around Casement are superb. Trying to get out of Ballinascreen or Ballycran after a big club game is a disaster never mind trying to get out after the Ulster final. Antrim do loads for the promotion of hurling in the other Ulster counties, Down teams play in the senior leagues, Derry teams play under age level and even Setanta from Donegal and Coleraine play in the North Antrim junior league. Don't give me this rubbish about Antrim not caring about the weaker Ulster counties. Antrim does plenty and we are quite entitled to try and improve our own lot as well. Why would you complain about Antrim being straight into the Ulster final each year, sure they have won 9 or 10 in a row and in the final last year they beat Down by a cricket score. Would it do anyone any good if Antrim played quarter finals against the likes of Fermanagh or Donegal and beat them by 40 or 50 points?

jesusjones (Antrim) - Posts: 385 - 17/05/2011 18:03:44    933114


Bricktop Derry, Down and Armagh minors and U-21's do get home games it is just that the Ulster Final is in Casement every year. The football final is in Clones each year and if Monaghan qualify then they still play at Clones. It just happens to be Antrim are generally in the Ulster minor and U-21 hurling final each year. One year Derry beat Down in the Ulster hurling final and the game was played at Casement. Clones is the home of Ulster football, Casement is the home of Ulster hurling, should Antrim apologise because they are the best hurling team in Ulster? No

jesusjones (Antrim) - Posts: 385 - 17/05/2011 18:09:24    933119


For once I agree with jesusjones.

ar_an_chnoc (Antrim) - Posts: 142 - 17/05/2011 20:02:11    933221


ach lads you cant see the wood for the tree's, expecting whoever joins Antrim in the Ulster Final to play in Casement every year is a disgrace...okay the pitch at casement is good but its just as good in some of the derry and down pitches, wheres the fairness in giving Antrim home advantage every year? exactly...there is none. Someone pointed out there that Antrim walloped Down by a cricket score last year...well then whats the problem with playing them or derry or Armagh in one of those counties...always have to have it your own way...God forbid Antrim would forsake home advantage and actually get beat in the Ulster. As to the Ards being a lot closer than the likes of Ballycastle, try driving it, it takes at least an hour to get to Casement from either of the 3 ards clubs....ards as town...Newtownards is only 20 mins away from Belfast, not the 3 actual hurling clubs further down the peninsula. Also nobody is trying to say that Antrim does nothing for other Ulster Counties, we all know how important it is for Down and Derry clubs to play in the Antrim League but its a question of fairness in the location of the Ulster Hurling Finals and over the years it has not been fair at all. Its about time you took off the saffron tinted glasses, as long as you are winning....

grandagrokepoke (Down) - Posts: 347 - 17/05/2011 20:47:46    933287


Why would an Antrim man take off his saffron tinted glasses? My number 1 priority as far as county hurling goes is bettering Antrim

jesusjones (Antrim) - Posts: 385 - 17/05/2011 21:34:04    933348


I think Jesus the glasses are more than tinted, blinkered more like. The Down, Derry and other county clubs who play in Antrim also enhance those leagues it works both ways. Why Casement anyway, hardly the size of the crowd is it and both Derry and Down could accomodate 5000 max supporters.
And its not just the Counties it affects its the club championship which actually means more to the avarage fan where again Antrim clubs get home advantage; forget about the nonsense of Ards clubs or derry clubs prefer it, no they dont, play it where one year its antrim venue, then down then derry and hopefully soon armagh and rotate; guarantee antrim dont win as many then; try being fair lads thats all we are saying!

badboyharrybap (Longford) - Posts: 11 - 18/05/2011 08:53:37    933386


The point about Casement being a much better location than say Ballinascreen/ Ballycran is a bit of a red herring and not a reason for keeping the Ulster Final there.
Down has The Marshes in Newry, Derry have Celtic Park in the city, Tyrone have Healy Park in Omagh and Armagh have the Athletic grounds.
All grounds equal if not better than Casement with decent infrastructure around them to hold an Ulster hurling final.
Clones is not the home of football, Casement actually held a lot of football finals and was switched to Clones.
The hurling final doesnt have to be in Casement.

bosch (Derry) - Posts: 873 - 18/05/2011 11:15:33    933464



Derry and Down dont play their county fixtures at these venues. Down play their games at either Ballycran or Portaferry and Derry play most of their games in South Derry. Has Celtic Park ever hosted a hurling fixture?

Jesusjones hit the nail on the head as per the reasons for Casement beibg best for provincial finals.

I cant ever imagine the Leinster Football final being played in Navan or Dundalk even if Dublin were perennial finalists

Cmills Fan. (Antrim) - Posts: 508 - 18/05/2011 12:23:28    933523


Badboy, your argument about the club championships being played in Casement giving the Antrim clubs an advantage holds no water. First of all no club plays out of Casement, Dunloy, Cushendall, Loughgiel are not based at Casement so it isn't a home game for them either. Over the last 5 years 3 clubs from Antrim have won the county championship where as in Derry only Dungiven and Lavey have won the county championship and in Down only Ballycran and Ballygalget have won the title so it could be argued that their club players are more used to hurling Ulster championship in Casement than the Cushendall/ Dunloy/ Loughgiel hurlers. Its 15 against 15 on a hurling field, it doesn't matter who's county ground the game is played in. Did you ever hear Kilkenny complain about playing Dublin in Croke Park? If the weaker Ulster hurling counties put as much time into promoting hurling as they do coming up with excuses and complaining they might win more matches.

jesusjones (Antrim) - Posts: 385 - 18/05/2011 12:39:48    933557


I'm not getting at Antrim, I just used Jim Murray's comments to get the debate started.

My gripe is with the Ulster council as they are happy with the status quo as its less bother for them. The Crowds who go to Ulster hurling finals could be catered in loads of club grounds in Down/Armagh/Derry etc, Casement if anything is too big and lacks atmosphere. It's Antrim's home venue, its where they play all their NHL fixtures, its where they train, its where their club semi and finals are held. It is an advantage to them.

Time to level the playing field.

bricktop (Down) - Posts: 2430 - 18/05/2011 13:34:58    933660


ask any Munster hurler where they would have the Munster hurling final and id be sure most would say Semple Stadium, Thurles. Its made for hurling, its historic plus there is more pressure on Tipperary (the home team) when they play there and their record up until a couple of years ago was a bit shakey. Why assume a home game is such an advantage? if your a good enough hurling team playing on a good hurling pitch there should be no excuses. Casement's pitch is usually in pretty good shape because it gets used quite sparingly compared to club pitches that probably get used every night for training and matches of all ages so Ballycran etc i think not.

Topa_the_left (Antrim) - Posts: 250 - 18/05/2011 14:05:38    933694


I find it ironic that Antrim people can rightly see the injustices done unto them by the hurling powers further south but are blinded to the very same injustices metered out to other hurling teams in Ulster.

You're all proving me right. You can't see the wood for the trees.

bricktop (Down) - Posts: 2430 - 18/05/2011 15:26:20    933778