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Loughgiel's All-Ireland semi-final.

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KAUTOSTAR..... At least we had one big success, we didn't bottle it like Dunloy or the Dall did when they had the chance.And I mean they bottled it big time.

bushwhacker (Antrim) - Posts: 261 - 11/02/2011 14:27:56    865421


Pipe down bushwhacker...from what i see here people where making valid points and ur just being spitefull and dragging a healthy debate into a slagging match! Of course Loughiels rivals in north antrim dont want them to win, just the same way loughiel never want to see cushendall or dunloy bein sucessfull! Skull pay no attention to tom, would love to know who his sources are, I actually laughed when I read that post! To finish, I just want to say I hope loughiel put up a good performance, but I also hope they don't win lol

CUCU (Antrim) - Posts: 10 - 11/02/2011 16:34:44    865566


Cucu.......Healthy debate ?........have you actually read some of the other comments made about Loughgiel,or are you tactfully ignoring them....I wonder why.

bushwhacker (Antrim) - Posts: 261 - 11/02/2011 17:24:40    865612


kauto you really backed your statement up there. yes they only scored 1.09 but cushendall only scored 0.11. And yes they didnt score for 26 minutes but what did cushendall do in them 26 mins????? and yes they didnt score from play for nearly 40mins but if your fouled that prevents you from scoring from play or didnt you realise that. If this is a bad team it doesnt say much for the other two big teams in antrim as they beat both on their way to winning the championship. And one talented forward come on. The best forward in antrim who has to take abusive from every player he marks and 90% off it not legal. Think you need to think before you speak or in your case take garbage.

caserox (Antrim) - Posts: 22 - 11/02/2011 17:29:54    865616


I thought you crossed the line but sure we'll agree to disagree... haha mambo, north antrim clubs dont care enough about city clubs to hate far as hurling goes goin to the city is merely an inconveinence, but hatreds a bit strong!

seriously though, how are loughiel shaping up? Have they had many friendlies? any injury worries?

CUCU (Antrim) - Posts: 10 - 12/02/2011 15:51:35    865989


Bushwacker you started this thread knowing quite rightly that there would be more than a "healthy debate" raised. I have resisted the temptation of registering to comment on this thread until now. If you can't stand the comments being made don't start a conversation about it. Simple. Don't you go throwing your toys out of the pram now. Personally I would be gutted if Loughgeil won this year and that's just it. And you city folks can chat all you like but the rivalry between the clubs up here is fierce, the conduct of some N Antrim clubs supporters and team members including my own club can be very catty and nasty at times. I bet that I could count on my hand the number of people from Dunloy or Cushendall that wish you lot would win.

WiseOwl (Antrim) - Posts: 3 - 12/02/2011 20:23:47    866177


Wise Owl........No surprise there then,wouldn't you say ?

bushwhacker (Antrim) - Posts: 261 - 12/02/2011 20:50:23    866204


Wise owl ......."count on my hand the number of people from Cushendall or Dunloy who wish you lot would (sic) win"....pretending to be very moderate,but with that last sentence showing what you really want to say. Well we don't really expect your support,and expect only your hatred as in the past.
Our supporters are no worse than anybody else,it's only that there are more of them as you can see from attending any match from underage to senior.
Most clubs in Antrim would be glad to have as many supporters who support the club through thick and thin,everyone in Loughgiel supports the club,this is not the case in most parishes where clubs struggle for backing.So Wise owl....get out of your assumed "moderate"stance and say what you really mean.

bushwhacker (Antrim) - Posts: 261 - 13/02/2011 12:00:01    866319


This Loughgiel team is far from a bad team; to come back consistantly year in year out after suffering 6 heartbreaking final defeats and being the laughing stock of Ulster hurling, to finally achieving the goal of lifting the Volunteer Cup shows some great mental strength, hunger and determination. To reach 7 out of 8 county finals is an achievment in its own right, and the fact that Dunloy and Cushendall were never a million miles away from their semi final opponents shows that by all means Loughgiel have a great chance. DD Quinn is the best goalkeeper in Ulster, truly outstanding and some of the saves this man makes are mesmorising. He is sure under a high ball and also has great distribution with his puck outs. In front of him the full back line of Ding Gillan, Neilly McGarry and Barney McAuley are all strong, athletic and experienced. Neil will have his hands full with Martin Comerford but Im sure he will rise to the task. As stated by a previous poster, Johnny Campbell is the best centre half in the county and as captain of the team leads by example. He is flanked by Martin Scullion who had as good a season as he ever had, and on the other side is likely to be Ciaran McKinley/Duck McFadden both of whom are young athletic and good in the air though their physical size could serve as a possible weakness. In mid-field Liam McKillop and Skinner Laverty work tirelessly, both are capable of popping up with a few points and they play with their heart on their sleeve. To say that Loughgiel only have one forward is laughable. Love him or hate him Liam Watsons hurling ability is undeniable, he truly is one of a kind and his abilities were recognised on a national level with his All-Star nomination. Eddie McCloskey is a fantastic forward and infact from a Loughgiel mans perspective I would say he was our stand out forward in this years championship, with hsi man of the match in the Ulster Final backing this point. Benny McCarry has come in this year and has worked well with Winker in a two man full forward line. Joey Scullion, although having a frustrating year, is also a fine hurler and has shown this in previous years. Odhran Mcfadden and James Campbell go through a lot of heavy dirty work which is often unappreciated from the stands but the players around them apreciate it, and it is often the Winkers and Eddies who get their name on the score board for the work of James/Odhran but thats all part of the team game.

Loughgiel are going into this match with nothing to lose. This is their first venture out of Ulster in 21 years and they will give it their all. Any team who come out of Kilkenny will be no walkover and that is why I have to laugh at people saying this is the easiest draw possible etc etc etc, any team in an All-Ireland Semi Final won't be there on merit alone and will take some stopping. All I know is that if Loughgiel click on the day, the defence stay solid as they have done all year, we get a good shift from the midfielders and with Winker and Eddie capable of knocking points over for fun with the right delivery, then we could be heading to Croker. We need big games from Benny and Joey and I hope this happens for them as they are well capable. Who is supporting us or not on the day is completely irrelevant and Loughgiel have enough fans of their own. We will serve Antrim and Ulster proud and with the rub of the green hopefully will be gracing Croke Park on March 17th. Na Seamroga abu

DukeNukem (Antrim) - Posts: 34 - 13/02/2011 12:40:01    866339


Bushwacker, I see you have taken the meaning of my comments a little more seriously than I thought, I was merely trying to explain to those who dont't understand the rivalry between us what it's like. This is not a contest to see who has more or better support, I am sure the Loughgeil team will have a great suppport system behind them next week. As for my "moderate stance" not once did I say I was acting as a neutral bystander. Duke Nukem I have to agree Eddie was your stand out performer during the Championship last year you seem to have a well informed opinion about the team unlike some of the other posters on the forum. At the end of the day they've won their games and done the work, this time next week we shall have our answer!

WiseOwl (Antrim) - Posts: 3 - 13/02/2011 18:34:56    866626


how have lgiel fared up in their warm up games? i heard they lost to UCD and Dublin there a while back. were they playing Wexford recently?

Dunloyrealist (Antrim) - Posts: 498 - 14/02/2011 14:38:25    867357


Wexford beat them by 7 points.

bushwhacker (Antrim) - Posts: 261 - 14/02/2011 16:46:58    867562



how are they doing team wise, all fit and raring to go? i rem going to nolan park in 91, i was only a kid at the time to see us in our first semi final. it was some experience with the noise and colour that day. we got beat by a very experienced glenmore side who went on to win it in the final over patrickswell that year.

i will be a good days craic for yous.

enoy it this year as we intend to be there next year ;)

Dunloyrealist (Antrim) - Posts: 498 - 15/02/2011 13:40:48    868138


Right O !

bushwhacker (Antrim) - Posts: 261 - 15/02/2011 14:36:11    868215


Good luck Loughguile on Saturday.

I was there the last time Loughguile played at this stage of the competition. Ballybrown of Limerick beat them by a point up in Loughguile. Low scoring game if memory serves me correct 0.9 - 0.8 i think. Anyone remember the big man that played for Ballybrown who had a beard, must have been about 6 ft 5 and built like a tank.

Cmills Fan. (Antrim) - Posts: 508 - 15/02/2011 14:38:36    868222


Good to see the old rivalry rearing it's head again. Also good to see some of you have actually got the intelligence to not let it get in the way of supporting your fellow Antrim/Ulster men. Thanks for the good wishes.

Seamroga (Antrim) - Posts: 62 - 15/02/2011 17:30:58    868492


Good luck to ya all in the Semi Final - Hope Liam can keep his head and not get sent off. You have a great chance.

portavogielad (Down) - Posts: 444 - 16/02/2011 09:58:14    868817


nothing wrong with a good riveraly, it makes our games more interesting!

and im sure you wont admit it but i dont think you were chearing us on during our semi and finals we played over the years.

anyway i do say good luck to use and enjoy your day out

Dunloyrealist (Antrim) - Posts: 498 - 16/02/2011 12:33:33    868968


I certainly do not say good luck, and why should I. Nought to do with my level of evolution or intelligence as has been suggested rather i have never had any quarrells with any o'loughlin gaels but i've had many with shamrocks!

Not that'll you'll care but here is my preview to the game.

I expect it too be tight, i'm on record here as saying Loughgiel are the weakest Antrim Champions in the last 20 years, and i'll stand by that, but they have three exceptional attributes

1. tactical awareness - this year Loughgiel for the first time in recent memory seemed to win on the line, they made big calls in the Antrim Championship, McGarry back to full back against Dunloy, Barney to midfield against the Dall. They stiffle the opposition poc outs and get lots of bodies in and around their own 40, giving their defence every chance of getting the tackles in and also creating masses of space up front

2. Hunger - whilst i do believe they are still mentally fragile (understandable having lost 6 finals) they have a fierce hunger, against both Dunloy and Cushendall they simply wanted the ball more, tactical they are set up to break ball on poc outs, key to making that successful is by winning the secondary ball and they do that better than anyone else primarily due to wanting it more

3. Scoring Effeiciency - Loughgiel will not create the same number of scoring chances, but i bet they convert a higher percentage, primarily because they have 2 quality forwards but also becasue the rest know their jobs, create space and win frees. benny McCarry and Joey Scullion also have plenty of ability to convert 1/2 chances that present themselves. they will be looking at converting 15 scoring chances in order to win the game

for those 3 reason i give Loughgiel a chance, However I doubt any team coming from Kilkenny will be found wanting for hunger, the drive from Andy Comerford will be immense and as was shown against Oulart OLG can grind out results also. Physically in key positions of CHB and FF i think they will outmuscle and dominate and ultimately prevail with a little to spare

OLG 1:15
LG 0:12

kautostar (Antrim) - Posts: 71 - 16/02/2011 14:47:27    869123


Now we know...........

bushwhacker (Antrim) - Posts: 261 - 16/02/2011 14:59:31    869141