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Liam Watson

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Liam Watson was the best player on the field today with some unreal points from play. Now i know why Dinny begged him to come back to the squad. Pitty he got sent off. Donnelly was also great in defense, McManus was also fantastic as well. Probably not ready for Kilkenny this year so it's a good thing you didn't win, but Cork will rise to the occasion against the Cats to stop the 5 in a row.

Great job, keeper lit.

saulgael (Down) - Posts: 544 - 25/07/2010 15:49:02    722222


thought he was outstanding during the game, took some brilliant points. the cork fans behind were raving about his scoring throughout.

then the usual happened and he threw a wobbler and got red carded. i seen it coming from the min he got booked for jabbing the full back. it was always always going to happen and he can have no complaints for being sent off.

brilliant player,but attitude lets him down

Dunloyrealist (Antrim) - Posts: 498 - 26/07/2010 10:04:41    723028


u have to hand it to ur watson he was the best player on show and still there's more in him
some might say though he's a flawed genius

BostonMA (USA) - Posts: 85 - 26/07/2010 13:08:05    723459


yeah watson was outstanding but totally agree with dunloyrealist it was a cert he was going to walk after his 1st yellow which is a shame as he is a quality hurler

belfast (Antrim) - Posts: 22 - 26/07/2010 13:58:59    723614


Best antrim player on the field by miles - probably would have got a place on any of the 4 teams playing yesterday. Ok he has a bit of fire in his belly but thats what makes him stand above the others and his discipline has improved and will continue too.

Outdone (Antrim) - Posts: 106 - 26/07/2010 14:17:47    723677


at odds of 5/4 watson was a great bet to be 1st player booked, i wonder who had a few quid on him, i certainly did.

POL (Antrim) - Posts: 144 - 26/07/2010 15:53:12    723992


The beszt and worst of Liam yesterday, a quality player with deadly accuracy but the red mist comes in and he loses it. Cadogan seems to have escaped in the initial incident tho, it was him who caused it by jabbing Watson with the stick

srb (Antrim) - Posts: 344 - 26/07/2010 16:33:03    724097


He was great to watch - what a talent and hopefully he sticks around for a few more years because you can't let talent like that slip away. Pity he didn't fire in those two 20 yard frees, that would have got him an all-star in his back pocket as well.

Thought Antrim had some great all round perfornances testerday, McManus was deadly accurate as well.

portavogielad (Down) - Posts: 444 - 26/07/2010 18:06:16    724377


Wheres jesusjones and his opinions now?

DukeNukem (Antrim) - Posts: 34 - 26/07/2010 18:46:48    724462


Have never been Watson's biggest fan but you have to admit that he is a class act. 6 points from play against Cork is a fantastic return. He reminds me a little of Wayne Rooney in soccer. Precocious talent, but easily wound up. I think Dinny manages him quite well, he needs his ego nurtured and I'd imagine under the confident exterior he could be quite insecure? As someone already mentioned, he would have made any of the four teams playing yesterday. One query that I do have is this: How is his form for Loughgiel? I haven't seen him play club hurling often enough, but on yesterday's performance, surely he would skin any full back in the county? With the possible exception of Cormac Donnelly who was magnificent yesterday and gave us the best moment of the game in my opinion, blocking Aisake Ó hAilpín, then bundling him over the line fairly and clearing the ball. Great stuff.

ar_an_chnoc (Antrim) - Posts: 142 - 26/07/2010 18:47:14    724463


Liam Watson is a real class act. Don't condone his moment of madness yesterday but its about time his fellow clubmen and county men gave him the credit he deserves. I'm sick of so called hurling fans in both our club and county criticising the best forward we have probably ever seen in this county. Jealousy is an awful thing!! Well done on your performance yesterday Liam. Another few players of your class and we will be going places.

shamrock4 (Antrim) - Posts: 1 - 26/07/2010 19:25:16    724522


best forward this county has ever seen?

please now. enough of that madness. have you forgotton Clute? liam couldnt lace his shoes in terms of talent and attitude. when we needed our big players to stand up he got sent off.

he was my man of the match untill he did what we all knew he would do and got sent off. its not as if its his first time hes let his club/county down.

as i said before, brilliant huler, terrible attitude.

Dunloyrealist (Antrim) - Posts: 498 - 27/07/2010 11:12:03    725052


Duke you wanted my opinion, well here it is. Liam Watson played fantastic against Cork, during the game I actually said to the man beside me from Tipp that he could be in line for an all star but suprise suprise he gets sent off and lets be honest he struck with the hurl for his first yellow card and he pulled a mans helmet off for his second. Both stright red card offences. 5 mins to go and 6 points down we needed our most talented player to stand up and be counted, provide the inspiration for a come back and he chooses the easy way out, the cowards way out and gets sent off, thats twice this year, he missed 5 league games through suspension and then when we needed him most he implodes. He played only a handful of games for Loughgiel last year, maybe 7 or 8 at most and still managed to get sent off against St. Johns. I wish he had the character of Cormac Donnelly or Neil Mc Manus but sadly he doesn't and I think time and again he'll let you down more times than he'll do good things for you. He has a negitive impact on things, people say Dinny manages him well but this year he got the line twice.

jesusjones (Antrim) - Posts: 385 - 27/07/2010 13:16:31    725298


Jesus - I take it you wouldn't want him in cushendall then!!!

If he was a dall man he woulod be first on your team every time.

Outdone (Antrim) - Posts: 106 - 27/07/2010 14:51:40    725548


I'd just like to say that I thought the bloke was fantastic, his points from play were superb and it was a realy pity he got sent off, although it did not surprise me as Gardiner is known for having a word or two in his opponents ear ..........

slayer (Limerick) - Posts: 6189 - 27/07/2010 14:55:20    725561


great individual performance, his score taking was 2nd 2 none, was in contention 4 man o the match but when the red mist comes over the eyes he is a loose cannon. all in all still a great player.

cahill (None) - Posts: 2566 - 27/07/2010 15:17:40    725632


Outdone I wouldn't want him in the Cushendall team. Were well able without that sort of negitive influence. You can't question his talent but for sure he'd get sent off in the championship or quit the panel for some rediculous reason. I'll take less talented 100 per cent committed hurlers every time.

jesusjones (Antrim) - Posts: 385 - 28/07/2010 12:16:02    726814


He didn't start for his club team in the c'ship the other night and rumour has it he won't be turning out for the county again, rightly so!

TheGlensman (Antrim) - Posts: 123 - 05/08/2010 19:08:54    737368


Rightly so? Why? What has the county done against Liam Watson?

ar_an_chnoc (Antrim) - Posts: 142 - 05/08/2010 19:50:42    737443


Glens man - u r such a stirrer with complete drivel (probably from the dall), yes he didn't start in championship but played a league match 3 days later against Osins and was fantastic. He will be back in the safforn colours next yr - our best forward without a doubt.

Outdone (Antrim) - Posts: 106 - 06/08/2010 10:26:44    737724