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Directions to Eire Og GAA Grounds

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I will be in Carlow on Saturday for an All Ireland Interfirms Football final involving Burnside Eng. The match is fixed for the Eire Og grounds. I will be travelling from Roscrea direction. Can someone post directions to the ground

B&G (Longford) - Posts: 157 - 04/04/2016 17:37:35    1841722


What way do you want it as they say?? Have you a sat nav, or phone with maps on it that you use to navigate?? If so I ll give you co ords, if not I ll give you basic ones!
Ps go easy on budda on Saturday..!

old yellar (None) - Posts: 2576 - 04/04/2016 18:56:45    1841773


You will be coming from portlaoise side just follow the roslare/wexford signs until you pass asca church then straight through the next roundabout

Barrowsider (Carlow) - Posts: 1240 - 06/04/2016 14:50:56    1842637


cheers Barrowsider

B&G (Longford) - Posts: 157 - 06/04/2016 18:30:11    1842783