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First All Star Nomination Since Colm Hayden

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Really will deserved by Paul Broderick
11counties represented and we one of them

Blackbog (Carlow) - Posts: 399 - 12/09/2018 20:04:21    2141299


Great to see some recognition for the year he had. Sound fella to congrats, I had forgotten Colm Hayden was nominated, that was the year they won the B all Ireland wasn't it

Barrowsider (Carlow) - Posts: 1240 - 13/09/2018 13:49:06    2141424


Fantastic for Paul. So proud to see the carlow jersey represented with so many of the big guns. Great for the whole county.

Hometown45 (Carlow) - Posts: 154 - 13/09/2018 14:28:57    2141447