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Changing the stick grip between camogie and hockey

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Just wondering here about the grip on a camoige stick and a hockey stick if you're right handed. All going well my daughter will probably start playing camoige shortly. Since she writes with the right hand my understanding is that the best way to hold the stick is to have the right hand above the left hand. I also hope that some day she will also play hockey which is a game I've played for the last number of years. In hockey however the left hand is always above the right hand, no matter what - presumably has something to do with only being allowed to use one side of the hockey stick. Are there any camoige players on this forum who have experienced this issue of changing the grip on the stick between the two games and how did it work out? It would be great if people had suggestions on the best way to go about it.

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monnigblower (Cork) - Posts: 3 - 29/07/2009 10:46:39    367856


I never had to change grips between camogie and hockey because I never played the latter. However your daughter shouldn't have a prob because if she is right handed she should have her left hand above her right (not other way round as you say) when gripping the stick.

camogieabu (Down) - Posts: 79 - 30/07/2009 10:58:39    369465


Hi again,

Thanks for the reply but are you sure as from reading it seems to indicate the opposite with the stronger right hand on top.

The Grip
The dominant hand grips the Hurley at the Top of the Handle, with the weaker hand locked underneath it when striking the ball.

monnigblower (Cork) - Posts: 3 - 30/07/2009 15:47:55    370049


Camogieabu were did you learn to play camogie!

i dont think there is any right way or wrong way to grip the stick, most players will have there right hand at the top of the stick

Hurler05 (Down) - Posts: 46 - 30/07/2009 16:46:23    370163


Think we're getting wires crossed here between right hand ON TOP and AT THE TOP!!!!!
When you talked about the camogie grip and you said right hand on top, I thought you meant right hand on top of the left hand.
What I was meaning is that she should have her right hand AT THE TOP of the stick which is the one that the games development link which you referenced is talking about .
Hurler 05 your right that there is no right or wrong way to grip a stick but it also says in the Games Development booklet that
'Some players have a natural tendancy to hold the Hurley with the weaker hand on top.These should be encouraged to change.'

camogieabu (Down) - Posts: 79 - 01/08/2009 13:31:14    372792


lets clarify this... I play both sports, camogie and hockey and I also coach both sports, holding a level 1 coaching award for both. You are correct in saying that the left hand is the hand responsible for holding the hockey stick and is the hand on the top of the stick. This is so as the game of hockey can only be played with one side of the stick. The left hand at the top of the stick is the correct technique for holding every striking implement for sports, baseball, rounders, cricket, ice hockey etc and this is down to the power stance and biomechanics.

Hurling and camogie are the only exception to the rule that I am aware of. As coaches we are instructed to coach players to hold the stick in their dominant hand (at the top end of the stick) and the ball in their non-dominant hand. I believe the reason for this difference is that in hurling and camogie we predominantly self feed to strike the ball (from the hand). If a right handed player holds the hurl w left hand and the ball in the right, the ball must travel a greater distance once it leaves the hand and is struck by the hurley, the feed also comes from behind the stick. If the ball is held in the left hand and the hurl in the right (as is the correct way for a right handed player), the feed is in front of the hurl and the balls travels a shorter distance between leaving the hand and the strike. This makes the skill faster, more accurate and gives opponents less opportunity to flick the ball away.

I am open to anyone adding to this or indeed discussing this further, but from a coaching perspective in hurling and camogie we are instructed to coach players to hold the hurley with their dominant hand at the top, with the non dominant hand being below (closer to the bos).

cailin (Wexford) - Posts: 143 - 14/08/2009 09:54:25    391695


Hi Cailin,

Many thanks for the reply and to the others too. Not sure if you are right handed but do you switch which hand is on the top of the stick between hockey and camogie since you play and coach both games? By the sounds of it this would be the expected thing to do. Off hand it might be a bit confusing but then again if started off like this there might be no bother at all and it might come as second nature after a while.

I myself am left handed but when I played hurling years and years ago I had my right hand at the top of the stick. I used to catch the ball with my right hand and 'throw' it up with my right hand too. Needless to say my shots weren't that strong as my stick was effectively that bit shorter as my left hand which was swinging the stick wasn't at the end of the hurley and it looked a bit gammy too.


monnigblower (Cork) - Posts: 3 - 17/08/2009 14:16:38    394461


yeah, the left is always the hand you hold the hockey stick with at the top, I hold my hurley the other way round. It is tough on some kids, but they are getting better at differentiating between the two grips and techniques. Happy hurling and happy hockeying!

cailin (Wexford) - Posts: 143 - 28/08/2009 23:29:33    408297


i play both of these sports. its hard to get used to it. in hockey, the left hand is at the top and in camogie the right hand is on top. but now, to be honest, i couldnt hold either stick in the wrong hand lol. you do get used to it. :)

ilovecamogie (Tipperary) - Posts: 3 - 26/09/2010 10:55:07    784032