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After yesterday's matches v Kilkenny and Dublin has Antrim got some glimmer of hope. U14 to U17 had varying degrees of success. Or was the teams divisional teams e.g Kilkenny North? The big question is, are we moving forward, did development coaches see any areas of our game where Kilkenny had the advantage e.g catching, breaking tackles, etc. If development coaches Mickey, Woodie, etc. do see areas of play these need to be highlighted to coaches in clubs.

Brian_Coyote (Antrim) - Posts: 327 - 26/04/2015 14:27:52    1717538


glimmer of hope !!!!?
is that why we invited teams up to play and then had to play a match on a rubgy pitch and didnt even have enough jerseys for all the panel ( subs coming on had to wear the jersey of the player coming off )
bit embarrassing really

redmick (Antrim) - Posts: 92 - 27/04/2015 10:45:47    1717827