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Antrim Senior Hurling Championship Results?

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I was in Ballycastle last week for the Oul Lammas Fair, had a mighty craic, great place for talking about hurling. There was a load of talk about the Ballycastle McQuillan V Dunloy game so I was mad to find out when I came home who won the game but I can't find the result anywhere. Whats the craic with not getting the results up on the Antrim website. Also who won the Loughiel match.
all the best,
Limerick man at the Oul Lammas.

Sham (Limerick) - Posts: 33 - 01/09/2014 11:07:44    1645831


Where are clooney gaels from?? And brigids and Sars?

Are Galls the only Belfast side in the semi finals?

Have to fancy cushendall to take the ulster title now.

How many senior teams are there in antrim?? How many of the glens and how many from the south??

hurlinspuds (Cork) - Posts: 1493 - 01/09/2014 12:44:03    1645922


Limerick Man - Dunloy beat Ballycastle 0:18 to 3:05
Cork Spud - Gael's are the Ahoghill lads that won the intermediate last year (very small parish with about 80 kids at their primary school) with two or three families keeping the hurlign alive PJ O'Connell is an Antrim Senior and he would be one of their main men, St Bridgets (Cloughmills)are very similar (primary school of a similar size) no juvenile teams but big heart. St John's Belfast were put out in early stages leaving Belfast with St Galls and Sarsfield's representing the South/Belfast.

Brian_Coyote (Antrim) - Posts: 327 - 01/09/2014 12:54:00    1645937


Sham - the results were on the Antrim website in the Fixtures/Result page: Cuchullains vs MacUilin GAC - perhaps you just overlooked it.

hurlingspuds - if we look at the Senior Championship to determine a Senior team then the breakdown is as follows:

North Antrim clubs (Glens and surrounding area)

SW Antrim (in between North and South Antrim)
Clooney Gaels

South Antrim (Belfast)
St Johns
St Galls

Offside_Rule (Antrim) - Posts: 3961 - 01/09/2014 17:15:51    1646264


Thanks lads.

So hurling in belfast has gone back massively then?? Where are O'Donovan Rossa gone??

More than any other county board of a competitive hurling county, the antrim county board really need to get the finger out. It seems to me that antrim hurling has survived and sometimes thrived despite the powers that be rather than with their help.

hurlinspuds (Cork) - Posts: 1493 - 02/09/2014 08:57:50    1646515


The Antrim Senior Hurling Championship is down to 5 after a weekend of shocks.

Cloughmills will be kicking themselves that they haven't recorded their first ever Championship success, however the replay being scheduled for Wednesday evening in Ballycastle probably tips it in their favour! I do question the venue, the lights are acceptable for football but much to low for hurling and it will have an impact, once again questions the rationale for cramming the championship into 1 month when we have all summer!!

Well done to St. Galls, the winning mentality of their dual players are crucial to getting over the line in these tight games!

Ourselves beating Ballycastle was a minor surprise to most and a great fillet for the club.

Cushendall where awesome on Sunday evening and have a serious midfield partnership, with Karl McKeegan dropping into that zone they held all the aces and should have won by more. In fairness to Loughgiel it just looked like one campaign too many!

kautostar (Antrim) - Posts: 71 - 02/09/2014 09:24:01    1646530


so who's left in it now lads? who's the favourites i.e. Dunloy or Cushendall?

grandagrokepoke (Down) - Posts: 347 - 10/09/2014 08:52:29    1650400