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Antrim U-21 hurlers v Wexford

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Hard luck boys. You were up against it in a very good Clare team. However you and the management team now have the experience of an All Ireland final, so let's learn and build on the experience.

galled (Antrim) - Posts: 251 - 14/09/2013 20:50:43    1482149


Hard luck Antrim! I just hope your county board can invest a little more time and effort in the promotion of hurling!

LohansRedHelmet (Clare) - Posts: 2002 - 15/09/2013 12:52:46    1482297


The scoreline didn't flatter Clare and shows where we are. While the club in fighting, county jealousies and couldn't give a stuff attitudes continue there will be no improvement.

Ulsterman (Antrim) - Posts: 9216 - 15/09/2013 17:41:03    1482423


Prefer not to go for the continuous exaggerated 'doom and gloom' story from Ulsterman and others. We clearly have a group of players, and more coming through, who aspire to playing for their county. Contrary to what the doomsters would have you believe. 50 % of the battle is won. Clearly we came up against a really outstanding Clare team, so the final score line should not be taken too much to heart. The other 50% is where we need the club and county officials to provide all the resources they can to support these guys through to senior level. Felt so proud yesterday and it was outstanding to be sitting at the top table with so many young and old Saffron supporters. There are more days like this in the locker if we have the belief and right attitude and structures.

Those with the wrong attitude should not be tolerated. Clearly Ryan also believes this.

Glensboy (Antrim) - Posts: 244 - 15/09/2013 19:34:09    1482506


A poor first half resulted in the road of no return. Clare's fielding to Antrim's puck outs produced many scores. Clare's speed and awareness of supporting players was outstanding. Better team won by far. On the up for Antrim it was a learning curve for our players and it is some thing for each and every up and coming Ulster hurler to aspire to. The lesson is speed and confidence.

silvertoungue (Antrim) - Posts: 101 - 16/09/2013 12:15:01    1482806


I was down in Thurles on Saturday and I was as proud as punch as our team ran out on to the pitch. I travelled with hope rather that expectation because as everyone should know this Clare team is something special. Individual mistakes at times were ruthlessly punished by Clare and as someone said this is a learning curve for our young hurlers.

Hopefully over the winter months, the County Board can get plans in motion to improve every aspect of our County Set up for next season - from trainings, Development Squads (Which I think are in good shape at present, maybe just a bit of tweaking here and there)league structures, fixtures etc so as all our county teams have a fighting chance

goalgetter (Antrim) - Posts: 87 - 17/09/2013 11:53:14    1483483


Antrim U21s now meet Clare in the All Ireland Semi Final and they gave Cork a lesson last night. Hope we can pull a rabbit out of the hat. I wonder did Kevin Ryan realise when he said that Antrim would win the U21 Championship by 2015 that they would be facing the greatest U21 team of all time in two consecutive years leading up to 2015.

Brian_Coyote (Antrim) - Posts: 327 - 31/07/2014 15:36:08    1628986


Game will be closer than we think

locks (Clare) - Posts: 239 - 03/08/2014 21:26:52    1630992


It wont

Tim_Burr (Down) - Posts: 460 - 04/08/2014 16:56:16    1631337


With Clare beating Cork by 22 points
Nice to think we can stay withing 12 point margin
Brilliant if we could be within two points of Clare
Euphoric if we could reach the final for a second year

Brian_Coyote (Antrim) - Posts: 327 - 05/08/2014 12:57:03    1631751


By the way I wasnt being disrespectful (Antrim slaughtered us and Clare would add 30 more onto that score) just being realistic

Tim_Burr (Down) - Posts: 460 - 07/08/2014 16:33:48    1633076


Would be a lot more confident of competing
if the 2 Johnston,s were playing.
Sad state of affairs. Seems like the decision
been taking out of their own hands.

hunchback (Antrim) - Posts: 51 - 14/08/2014 21:42:06    1637053


That's a really good squad. Some of the players I know on the bench are very talented. Saul and Eamonn. Hope they can put in a performance to make us all proud.

smellymullane (Antrim) - Posts: 20 - 22/08/2014 16:36:37    1640566


Yeah I think winning or even coming close is a virtually impossible task. 22 points last year and 28 the year before v Clare. If can stay within a reasonable distance and keep going for the full 60 I will be happy enough

srb (Antrim) - Posts: 344 - 22/08/2014 17:09:56    1640594


Took the field as a bunch of individuals
Teamwork didn't happen.
Felt for the manager, no one to turn to
on the the line for any advice.
Needs someone to aid him with sound
knowledge & advice from within our county.
Poor day overall.

hunchback (Antrim) - Posts: 51 - 24/08/2014 10:19:37    1641016