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James Loughrey

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Well lads, was just wondering how highly do ye rate this guy? Interested to know, as he's named on our bench for Sunday's clash v Mayo.

Rebel.Og (Cork) - Posts: 519 - 05/04/2013 15:41:09    1361521


Very dedicated player. Very fast and super fit. Will give 100% every time and chips in with a goal here and there too. Big loss for Antrim.

PE1985 (Antrim) - Posts: 59 - 05/04/2013 16:25:47    1361559


A class act. Serious engine, strong, has pace and added a real scoring threat to his game, especially last year. His goal v Monaghan in Clones was a screamer. His loss this year is a big reason why we have deteriorated so badly, can't replace him. Will be a serious asset for Cork

srb (Antrim) - Posts: 344 - 05/04/2013 16:45:50    1361578


Very good player and has been a big loss for us this year. when we had a half back line of Scullion, Crozier and Loughrey and don't think there were many pound for pound half back lines around better than that. He'll get up and down the wing all day for you and has a decent pair of shooting boots too - his goal against Monaghan last year was one of the best in the championship. shame he had to move

saffsabu (Antrim) - Posts: 27 - 05/04/2013 18:18:03    1361652


Huge loss. County's most consistant and dangerous player in last 4 years or more.

Lose best player plus few more = relegation for a County like ours.

CLG_09 (Antrim) - Posts: 42 - 11/04/2013 14:09:26    1365699


Flying machine, arguably the fastest footballer in Ireland.

geoff (Tyrone) - Posts: 377 - 19/04/2013 14:45:07    1370383


Serious talent. Will have an All Star in the next 3 years.

the_guvner (Down) - Posts: 318 - 23/04/2013 12:13:36    1372252