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Why has the league game between Loughgiel and Cushendall been cancelled and yet the Ballycastle and Dunloy game is still goin ahead?
Is this the county showing double standards again?

BostonMA (USA) - Posts: 85 - 21/09/2012 15:00:05    1270255


BostonMA not quite sure what your problem was, did you want both matches on or both matches off. But all that aside, would you like to elaborate on your "county showing double standards again" statement, I can't imagine they have ever done that.

thetallgypsy (Antrim) - Posts: 97 - 23/09/2012 21:41:27    1271369


What he's saying is that whatever jim wants, joe grants! Seems they are the only club to constantly cancel games to suit.
Bit silly as they still have to play the game after the final.
Seen a few lgiel people at our game to watch our reserves!

Dunloyrealist (Antrim) - Posts: 498 - 24/09/2012 11:37:48    1271549


All very loose and open ended, sounds like a lot of sour grapes to me. Matches can be posponed and refixed by mutial consent. Both teams played their reserves at the weekend, everybodys happy??

thetallgypsy (Antrim) - Posts: 97 - 24/09/2012 20:40:42    1272106


How come Loughuile people know of county descisions before they are announced? Examples provided if need be.

Glensboy (Antrim) - Posts: 244 - 24/09/2012 21:26:25    1272151


Like I said open ended, Glensboy what examples, what nonsense.

thetallgypsy (Antrim) - Posts: 97 - 24/09/2012 22:01:24    1272203


Cushendall wanted the game and i have talked to many of their players and their management, we would've liekd the game off if it had been possible bt the county would not allow our game to be called off.
apart frm this, the refs in the county have protected their players all year

BostonMA (USA) - Posts: 85 - 25/09/2012 15:17:53    1272515


Dunloy didn't ask for their game to be postponed. If they had, it would have been. End of conspiracy theory.

Seamroga (Antrim) - Posts: 62 - 29/09/2012 09:30:32    1274600


So i ahve heard through grape vine that the DIV 1 hurling league is being restructured for next yr. I believe that Rossa & Oisins coming up with no one down & that next yr there is no automatic rlegation from top tier - there will be play off with Div 2 winners & r/up & bottom 2.

Believe this was recommended by the committee put in place to improve antrim hurling. I know they also suggested changes to the championship for next yr but not sure if they have been accepted.

Well this is what some wanted despite how Div 1 has been going over last few yrs..

Outdone (Antrim) - Posts: 106 - 12/11/2012 10:29:04    1296324


dont think that the playoff situation with div 2 winners and runner up playing div 1 bottom 2 . i think that if you win div 2 you have earned the right to play in div 1 as with any division . doesnt give any real incentive to a team in div 1 as all they will have to do is beat a div 2 side to maintain their status in div 1 . i can see the point of div 2 runner up playing 2nd bottom in div 1 but my opinion is if you finish last in the league you should be relegated

redmick (Antrim) - Posts: 92 - 12/11/2012 11:16:09    1296342


Have to say I would agree with the new structures if they are voted in, but I would go a bit further when it comes to championship were players in the lower divisions playing intermediate be allowed to play championship for another club .This will be greeted with horror in some parts of the county but it has already been done in other parts in the past .In case nobody has noticed but a lot of players in the last year have immigrated and a lot have plans in the near future, teams in some parts are going to be decimated .doing this will bring a few players into senior set ups that can only enhance their abilities and maybe produce a few gems that would otherwise go unnoticed especially when it gets to the county set up.

rman (Antrim) - Posts: 102 - 12/11/2012 12:40:48    1296409


wonder if they would have changed the leagues if st gall sarsfields or gortnamona finished 2nd instead of glenariff better still would they have bothered at all if rossa finished 2nd and glenariff won the leauge , i reckon they would have stuck to the agreement at start of the year 1 up 1 down in that situation

redmick (Antrim) - Posts: 92 - 12/11/2012 16:48:01    1296594


i believe that, the championship, will either be a round robin or the beaten teams in the first round have a back door. Not entirely sure how it works but means more than one championship match.

I am interested to see what is actually passed and when it will be shared.

Outdone (Antrim) - Posts: 106 - 12/11/2012 16:48:38    1296595


10 team league looks favourite with Rossa and glenarrfe going up, think the feeling is the north antrim teams want to play each other twice so any more teams in the league would mean them only meeting once, just have to wait and see folks.

POL (Antrim) - Posts: 144 - 27/11/2012 11:51:17    1303338