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Haha turfcutter you really make me laugh. Very good use got a lucky year with them so called good teams use played in the all ireland series. Hopefully use do win the cship again this year go down south and hopefully portumna will have finished their 3 year rip and be back in the all ireland and hammer use. Dunloy reserves should have beat use and use only beat them by 2 points not very good all ireland champs if use are only beaten a reserve team by 2 points mate. As for bcastle good team this year but id say it will be 2 or 3 years before they are serious contenders for cship

Dunloy2012 (Antrim) - Posts: 96 - 28/07/2012 16:31:44    1231305


congratulations to the u14 and senior hurlers of loughgiel who are both through to the [festival of finals] final tommorrow after both defeating Tulloroan Kilkenny and Birr offaly in todays QF/SFs respectively...

turfcutter (Antrim) - Posts: 277 - 28/07/2012 19:53:37    1231546


Turf cutter wipe yer chin man, you seem to be away in a wee tissy of a rant there!
My problem is the double standards of the set up in Antrim where we were not afforded the same respect last year and this year both ourselves and portaferry wanted to move the game to a sat but were told plain and simply, no.

Also grow up with the 'doneloy' crap. I have the decency and respect for loughgiel that I use their proper name.

Pig - grunt springs to mind with that nonsense.

Dunloyrealist (Antrim) - Posts: 498 - 29/07/2012 15:01:38    1232384


Dunloy 2012 you couldn't sound more bitter if you tried. As a Belfast man I watched every championship game played in casement last night and Loughgiel we're far and away the best team in the county and deserved to win the All-Ireland. Putting their success down to luck is sad and pathetic. Grow up.

saffsabu (Antrim) - Posts: 27 - 29/07/2012 15:22:04    1232414


Realist you've shown decency and respect for no one least of all Loughgiel with your snide remarks about [dinner dances and weekends away] something you know absolutely nothing about,something that has nothing to do with you or your club,its between ourselves,the county and Cushendall.Don't see anybody from Cushendall on hear slabbering,so instead of your usual anti loughgiel tripe maybe you and your three mates should concentrate your efforts on your own club...

turfcutter (Antrim) - Posts: 277 - 29/07/2012 15:31:41    1232426


Seriously anti loughgiel lol since when have I ever posted anything 'anti loughgiel' lol
This has made my Sunday reading your posts!
My agenda is with the county and was citing loughgiel as the double standards that exist in the county. We are a dual club with players playing both codes at senior, with a football match today and now a hurling match tomorrow on a Monday night. We wanted it moved and so did portaferry as it was hardly fair on them to have to go to Dunloy on a Monday night for half 7. We were told we can't move it yet other clubs seem to be allowed to do such things.
As for the dinner dance thing yous did call off the cdall game because of this. Are yous scared to play them this year?

Dunloyrealist (Antrim) - Posts: 498 - 29/07/2012 18:06:10    1232630