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County Players and Club Fixtures

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What is the solution? Come this part of the inter county scene our club scene stop starts somes for four weeks at a time.

I think personally our leagues need to go ahead with or without county players unless its drastic such as Loughiel maybe having 10 in the county panel, but I mean clubs with 2/3 county players need to be getting on with it, this would allow more time for championship too, we also run an outdated championship of straight knock out due to the fixture congestion. We need to be realistic here people and get our games going properly again at club level.

North Side Gael (None) - Posts: 1076 - 08/07/2012 08:18:45    1211783


All games should go ahead with all players available.
If the county want to call a game off then fine but no club should suffer the loss of their better players due to county games.
Especially if there is promotion/relegation at stake.
Your idea is a big problem in this county.
We are probably the only county in Ireland that has not played any championship games in either code yet .
In Cork for example the county selectors request that games are staggered over the weekend so they can get to them to see who is going well .
Kilkenny and Tipp championship games continue throughout the summer with all players available.
Here we dont do anything until a month or so after all Antrims interests are finished .

Finsceal (None) - Posts: 556 - 09/07/2012 16:24:33    1213033


NSG is right we need to play the games if county players are available or not. At no point during the season are you going to have your best 15.

You have a squad of players to use them this would be a good chance to develop the younger players in the squad.

We are the only county who insists to have all players available all of the time

oisinboy (Antrim) - Posts: 335 - 10/07/2012 13:31:46    1213668


Oisinboy so you think its ok for clubs to play league games - which could ultimately determine relegation/ promotion - without the services of guys who are essentially available to play but cant because the county wont let them ??
I agree no team ever has its best 15 but thats due to injury or work commitments mostly. I'm talking about games where fit prominent players cant play because Antrim have a game soon ..
Its up to the county mgmt to ask the CCC to play everything on time .

Finsceal (None) - Posts: 556 - 10/07/2012 17:24:22    1214024


If you are in a promotion or relegation battle where one bad result screws your season I think you would be inclined towards a different view. I am partly with you in that we have to facillitate games for club players but clubs in the higher leagues are more interested in maintaining the status quo so we still have one up one down which is stifling club competition and ambition.

Last Man (Antrim) - Posts: 56 - 11/07/2012 08:29:55    1214284


Smaller leagues, maybe split into 1a and 1b with one set of games with top two playing for league title, then championship run on same basis, except with top two going into semi finals.

Then on top of this our current league format is reserved for a non county player competition run again with small groups, only it will be like championship with top two going to semis.

This way we divy up our games so that 2 3rds are geared towards having county players available with a third being geared toward club players only.

It could work in football and hurling.

You could run club all of championship which would leave a free month or 6 weeks in early summer such as may, for league games with county players, then keep the final until end of season, then run the club player comps during the summer months of county games, such as mid april to july end, then county players return for championship round robin in august. With league and championship finals being played september.

Has its merits! We do need to cut down the amount of "league" games in which county players are neccessary. We could even do as they do in limerick and clare and have a round of championship games run off before the league even comences around early april and before the county players are gone for the summer.

North Side Gael (None) - Posts: 1076 - 12/07/2012 14:47:57    1215836


You can invent as many new league formats as you like, clubs will not play without their county panelists, nor would I want them to. The fierce parochial rivelry at club level is the life blood of huring in Antrim. take that away and its all over. I agree league matches should be played alongside county games, and I dont see aproblem, The Feis cmpetition was completed on time, a high no of league matches have also been played. Antrim played in the provincial final on Sunday past with 7 Loughgiel players in starting 15 (thats another story) and played a league match on Tuesday night, Dunloy also had a game on Monday night with no fuss about it, well done them. Gaps in games may have more to do with exams in May/June and hols in July we are an amature sport after all. The idea of playing a round of Championship matches in April or May would be another way of ending the beaten clubs season before its begun. However I will say with certainty that Div 1 would be a poorer place without the Down teams and its silly to even think of it without them. Their skill levels and intense but extremely fair play at all times has been an example to us all. For many many years now they have made a major contribution to the competitiveness of many of our clubs in All Ireland campaigns. The hunt for All Ireland glory will continue at club level on an annual basis more ferociously than ever now by one club or the other,and therein lies a lot of the problem. Because we have so few playing the game in Antrim, compared to the so called stronger counties, the players who achieve success at club level are most likely to form the backbone of our county team, and as has been proved year on year they cant do both.

thetallgypsy (Antrim) - Posts: 97 - 13/07/2012 16:36:59    1216742


The tall gypsy just says why, we will never be successful in antrim and why hurling in antrim is dying standing up!

Where in that whole rant to you once think, i wonder what the players want?

There must be a time when county comes first and clubs simply have to get on with it, either that or play the leagues in april,may, aug, sept and oct. Keep feb and march for county if clubs lose out due to county success then they should play refixes in november.

This is what it comes down to because hurling in this county will die without a good county team, look at hurling in christy ring counties, interest is small, leagues could be over in a couple of months as they can only play each other so many times, due to the clubs way of getting on thats the way were headed!


North Side Gael (None) - Posts: 1076 - 15/07/2012 12:36:31    1217636



What's in the air in North Belfast ?
If they do then they are a disgrace .

The county and CCC should just play everything. I dont mind players training with the county instead of clubs but they should be available for all games which should also run alongside county games DURING THE SUMMER .

What exactly is the issue with that ??

Finsceal (None) - Posts: 556 - 16/07/2012 12:10:49    1218828


The players and not north belfast players im refering to have said openly, would at times prefer their club to play on in the league!

In the likes of clare where theyve a much better club scene than our own, they play league without county players. If one or two is missing the game should go on. Or refix it to the monday evening. I assure you, not too many will want to play or be fit for it either. Was talking to a boy on the sunday night after derry in ulster final on the drink hed a club game on the monday "couldnt be f**ked" apparently and i assure you he wasnt north belfast either.

League should go ahead with or without particulary in the opening fixtures then after half way its understandable, doesnt say a lot for your message to the guys on the line, and we wonder why we dont have a big pick or antrim fail, its called elitism.

North Side Gael (None) - Posts: 1076 - 16/07/2012 13:10:06    1218992


Answer one question

Why should /would a club be missing its county players for a game ?

Finsceal (None) - Posts: 556 - 17/07/2012 11:05:57    1220062


Completely agree with Finsceal.
To my knowledge no players missed county training or games because of club commitments.
Players did miss club training but club games went ahead as fixed.

thetallgypsy (Antrim) - Posts: 97 - 19/07/2012 21:46:52    1223122


The tall gypsy, players want to be at county the learn more from playing with the elite, of course they are going to miss club training, ive nothing against them missing club training if the county is doing well, i just feel league games are irrelevant 9 times out of ten and should go ahead unless a team cant field without their county players. If its a relegation play off or promotion or title game postpone it until they are back.

The lads want to play county its here that they get to test their high skill and intensity levels against players of the same, ultimately this will also raise standards of the club!

North Side Gael (None) - Posts: 1076 - 20/07/2012 10:27:35    1223225


Did any club deny the county the use of any player at any time. If so, do tell.

thetallgypsy (Antrim) - Posts: 97 - 20/07/2012 21:08:29    1223887


Plenty of clubs have talked lads out of county commitments, the county set down the guidelines, the players make the decision to play county then they play under the guidelines given, which means players choose not to play for their club from time to time, so if yous boys have a problem with player choice do you care to explain?

North Side Gael (None) - Posts: 1076 - 21/07/2012 09:59:22    1223948